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The Enemy Makes Plans
Now and again we are lucky enough to come across a true gem of a photograph that leaps across time. This fantastic gelatin photograph has captured a desert meeting between the two senior Germanic leaders. It is twenty minutes to five in the late afternoon as Kress Von Kressenstein shows notes to the commander of the Austrian forces in Palestine, Baron Lager. Besides the travel clock showing the time, the camp table has an array of pens, note books, ink and ash tray. A clip of ammunition sits on papers. Of special interest is that both men wear wedding rings on their right hands - a tradition followed by Lutheran Church members.



21st Anniversary issue
penny and half-penny
stamps 1936.

50th Anniversary issue
4 penny and 5 penny
stamps 1965.

NZMR 24th
Reinforcements Badge.

A good keen comic fan posted this lovely little piece of 1970's comic book nostalgia on the ALH Forum
and it certainly deserves some space here.
To read up a little more about the history of Victor Comics "the picture story paper that every boy enjoys"
and the story behind this strip of Trooper (later Sergeant) Harry Garrett and his gallant team of Light Horsemen,
beautifully drawn by artist 'Harry' Farrugia, you may follow this LINK HERE

Hopefully I have mastered compressing PDF photograph files to a relatively small download size for the internet. Click on the PDF icon below to download this copy of a beautiful glass plate image probably taken in 1904 - the subjects are the Officers and NCO's of the North Auckland Mounted Rifles just after the Boer War of 1899 - 1902.
This image and the Otamatea MR (below this section) is again courtesy of the Kauri Museum of Matakhoe in Northland and I will be making this and other images available on a special Kauri Museum page in the near future.
Once downloaded you should be able to magnify the image 150 - 200% without noticably diminishing quality.

Otamatea Mounted Rifles NCO's
This image circa 1910 shows the non commissioned officers posing for a North Auckland Mounted Rifles photograph outside the old drill hall at Otamatea.
None of the men's names are recorded. Note the upturned slouch hat style of the pre WWI uniform. On the back row stand three corporals, the middle row are all sergeants including a Maori NCO at the far right. The front row sits the staff-sergeant left and the Quartermaster right.
Inset is a closer view with the image adjusted for sepia colouring. Note both the senior NCO's do not wear bandoliers and all the men wear leather leggings prior to the issue of "Putties" about 1912.

photograph Kauri Museum - Matakohe - Northland.

Another reason to visit the Kauri Museum at Matakohe: This beautiful tapestry sewn by dedicated feminine hands for the 11th North Auckland Mounted Rifles. This large, approximately four foot by three, tapestry hangs in a glass and wooden frame overlooking NAMR memorabilia.
The flags of New Zealand and her allies - Belgium, Great Britain and France have been woven in with skill to the pattern. Under the Squadron's Boar's head emblem are the words: "Egypt 1915".

"Troopers Stories" pages on Transport Sergeant William Carter is now posted HERE
To DOWNLOAD BILL'S PAYBOOK click on the PDF icon on the right. Please note that it is advisable to use BROADBAND as the file is 2.3megs in size. I welcome your comments and information that you may be able to contribute to make William Carter's story more comprehensive - have a read and comment on our FORUM.

On the far left of photograph, big William Carter stands with two friends, all members of the 4th Waikato Mounted Rifles. Other items include his demob papers, brass pocket and tunic buttons from a NZEF uniform and a image of the "Tofua" in her camouflage "Dazzle warpaint" about to depart for the Great War with Bill onboard.


I'd like to share this letter that arrived today (6th Jan 08) - my answer on your behalf was - "YES PLEASE!"

My  name is Nigel Robson and I am a Kiwi living in South Korea.  My maternal grandfather served in Palestine in the 9th Wellington East Coast Mounted Rifles and I have numerous articles relating to his service there which I thought you may like to include on your site.  His name was Alfred Ernest Kemp and the pistol that appears in Terry Kinloch's book 'Devils on Horses' was souvenired by my grandfather after the battle at the Damieh crossing on the Jordan.  I have several other items that may interest your organization including a Gallipoli Star and Turkish school diploma also souvenired after a battle in Palestine.  As the latter is named, I had it translated some years ago by a Turkish professor at Oxford who could read pre-Ataturk Turkish so I know the identify of the Turk (Ali Agzade Huseyin Effendi) and his year and place of birth.  It has long been my dream to track down his family and return it.  In 1896, they lived in the small village of Havran close to Edremit (where he went to school), which in turn is very close to Gallipoli.  I also have a beaded snake with the words 'Turkish Prisoner' worked into its belly, a Turkish belt buckle with Damieh and El Baghalat scratched into it, and three photos of Ernest in his reinforcement uniform taken in NZ.  My prized possession is the engraved watch he carried throughout the campaign with NZMR, his name and service  number etched on its reverse side.  Additionally, I have an excellent photo of my great uncle who was a quartermaster sergeant in the 3rd. Auckland Mounted Rifles, although he actually ended up serving in the Field Artillery in France.  It is great as it shows the uniform very clearly. Anyway, if photos of these items and supporting information would be of interest to your organization, I would be happy to forward photographs of them.  Let me know your thoughts.
Nigel Robson

(Wed 9th January 08)
True to his word, within a day of my reply Nigel responded with a swag of photographs that I have now added to my "must do soon" pile.

On the right two photographs of Alfred taken approximately half a century apart. The top image circa 1916 wearing the badges of the NZMR reinforcements, and below the colour image taken in the 1960's. This second image is of special interest as Alfred still wears with pride his souvenir Turkish military belt buckle taken from the field of battle on the crossing of the Jordan in 1918.

Corporal Alfred Ernest Kemp

Complying with "standing orders".

Next time you are late for work, and then while fighting your way through six lanes of express way traffic, it finally dawns on you that you forgot to shave that morning - as you reach in desperation into the glove-box for that useless cordless shaver - then it is time to think of this New Zealand Camelier in 1916.

A Camelier of the 4th Battalion prepares for his morning shave while his bored camel becomes resigned to the fact she has to wait motionless while her master balances his shaving mirror on her rump. The Camelier lathers up, with shaving brush in his left hand and cut-throat razor in the other. In the foreground by the camel's rear leg sits the soldier's shaving mug, at the left of photo rear, a camel saddle lays waiting to be saddled-up in the series of early morning rituals.

A further picture from the previously unseen Jack Baker collection of photographs.

Waikato Mounted Rifleman, 13/2041 Stuart William Gunton departed New Zealand with the 7th Reinforcements.
Thanks to son Malcolm who sent in the photograph of his dad who saw service at Gallipoli and Sinai Palestine.
Malcolm recalls that his father was like a lot of men from the period who didn't talk much of his days in the Great War. He remembers that he left from the Island of Lemnos to land at Gallipoli.

Son Malcolm went into the armed services himself, serving 37 years with the Royal New Zealand Air Force - his initial years as a fighter pilot during WWII.
Malcolm is like many New Zealanders in that he made the trip with a daughter to Gallipoli a few years ago.
"It was a moving experience".

Trooper 65129 PATRICK JAMES RABBITT, from kauana, of the 7th Southland Mounted Rifles, and cousin 65058 WILLIAM RABBITT, from clinton, of the 5th Otago hussars.

Readers of our forum will have noticed a non-de-plume of a new contributor - "Pukman" - has appeared in our discussions and we welcome him to the board.
This week he has sent an e-mail offering photographs of soldiers and badges that he is collecting - thankfully he has signed his full name and he can keep his posting name for the forum - but we can acknowledge Iain's effort in supplying this new source of information for the web site that I will be posting as the items arrive (and I have time).

This beautiful crisp and clear photograph shows clearly the hat and collar badges of the native New Zealand mountain parrot, the Kea, representing the Southland Squadron that is worn by Patrick, seated. His cousin William wears the bi-metal shield badges of the Otagos. Close ups of the badges may be viewed HERE.