Books and articles on the New Zealand Mounted Rifles
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We have listed a number of books that any serious student of the campaigns of Gallipoli and the Middle East should read.
This list is nowhere near complete, but this selection of books will allow the reader to get an understanding
of the men themselves. Most extracts and eBooks are FREE to download.

The Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment during WWI. Written by Major A.H. Wikie. First printed in 1924 and was available for the purchase price of 10 shillings and 6 pence (today's equivalent $1.05).
This volume covers all actions of the Regiment which was made up from the 2nd Queen Alexandra's Mounted Rifles - 9th East Coast Mounted Rifles - 6th Manawatu Mounted Rifles.
wmr book cover

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The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles 1914-1919. Written by Lieutenant Colonel Guy Powles.
This volume covers all actions of the Regiment which was made up from the 1st Canterbury Yeomanry Mounted Rifles - 10th Nelson Mounted Rifles -8 th South Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

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The Story of Two Campaigns is the history of the Auckland Mounted Rifles written by Sergeant C.G.Nicol relates the story of the regiment from departure in 1914 through to the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in October 1918.
11th North Auckland Mounted Rifles
3rd Auckland Mounted Rifles
4th Waikato Mounted Rifles
Collectors will pay $400 for this rare original publication (well worth it) this e-book yours without charge - REMBER THE ANZACS

First published by Wilson and Horton.

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updated April09

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Released November 2007 - This is Terry Kinloch's second book on the First World War history of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade. Entitled 'Devils on Horses: in the Words of the Anzacs in the Middle East 1916-19'.
This comprehensive account covers all aspects of the NZMR in the Sinai-Palestine actions - comprehensive maps and photographs enhance the text taken in most part from the letters and memories of the men in action.
"Devils on Horses: In the Words of the Anzacs in the Middle East 1916-19.
Covers all aspects of the Mounteds involvement in Sinai and Turkish Palestine.
In bookstores now - NZ$55.

A new Childrens Book released March 2010 - "Brave Bess" by Susan Brocker is a great gift for the young reader.
Until now the story of the loyal horses who carried our troops in the desert war has remained untold. This is their story - and the story of Bess, the only horse to return to New Zealand from the Middle East. Bess and her companions overcame their fear, standing by their masters in the battlefield, in harsh desert conditions. Brave Bess and the ANZAC Horses tells the tale of these valiant horses and the essential part they played in the war.
Book also available online HERE

"Brave Bess"
a new chidren's book published by
Harper Collins
available in Book Stores now.

"Waikato Troopers - a history of the Waikato Mounted Rifles"
Author Richard Stowers' book covers all aspects of the Waikato Squadron and their involvement with the Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment.
The photographs are of excellent quality, but this is more than a coffee table presentation - this is raw history and a must for a student of the NZMR..
Available directly from the author.
$N30 + $10 p.p. contact by email

Richard Stowers
direct at:

The Fallen. A commemorative book honouring the men from Riversdale,Wendon, Wendonside and Waikaia in the lower South Island of New Zealand, who lost their lives during the wars of the Twentieth Century.
Written by Don MacKay a fifth generation Southlander and history graduate of the University of Otago - his PhD examined the political aftermath of the Gallipoli Campaign.
Read an excerpt HERE
Fiery Ted is General Chaytor's command and involvement leading the Anzac Mounted Divison in the Middle East.
Recently written and comprehensive account of New Zealand's leader of the Mounted Rifles. Chaytor rose to lead "Chaytor Force" a combined force of mixed Nationals in the push against the Turk and German forces in the Middle East.
Fiery Ted Anzac Commander.
is 364 pages, hard covered, 17 photos, three maps and available from the 2 Cants UPF for $35.
by Terry Kinloch - NZMR member and current serving New Zealand military officer.

This is Terry's first book and relates to the Mounteds actions in Gallipoli.Available at most retail bookstore outlets.


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see also Exisle Publishing

Order book

Lieutenant Colonel Guy Powles (the father of New Zealand's first Ombudsman) writes a full account of the movements and actions of the NZMR Brigade during the desert campaigns.

The full text download at right includes the NZMR in action at Romani. Magdahba, the occupation of El Arish - the cross-over into Turkish Palestine, the battles of Gaza, Ayun Kara and the entry into Jerusalem, the attacks on Jericho and Amman and the collapse of Turkey in October 1918..

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A classic of Australian Light Horse literature "The Desert Column".
Author Ion Idriess served with the 5th A.L.H. and was wounded in action both during Gallipoli and later in Palestine.
Idress went on to become one of Australia's best known writers publishing in excess of fifty novels including "Lassiter's last ride".
Long out of print -published from 1922 to 1941 with at least eleven editions.
NEW issue as of December 2010 - this copy now full text.

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Trooper John Robertson departed NZ as a member of the NZMR but volunteered for the Cameliers - the famous Imperial Camel Corps (I.C.C.)
The Cameliers were made up from troops from New Zealand, Australia, India and the British Isles.
Adobe E-BOOK is available by clicking in the PDF icon in the right hand colum. This book is considered the most comprehensive account of the Camel Corps in WWI.
376 kbs size

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Colonel Fred Waite's "The New Zealanders at Gallipoli" covers aspects of all New Zealand participation at Gallipoli. The NZMR Brigade arrives to support the NZRB in May 1915. The official Government account of our participation in the Dardenelles, from April to December 1915.

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Athur Briscoe Moore wrote of his experiences with the Auckland Mounted Rifles in the desert campaigns. Full text download, the two maps published with the original volume available to view HERE

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desert life in WWI
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Australian, Trooper Oliver Hogue wrote "The Cameliers" in 1919. This is a fascinating series of tales told through the eyes of Hogue's altra ego - Trooper Bluegum. A mixture of actual events of the Australians involved with the Imperial Camel Corps (I.C.C.) and a whimsical anecdote of the life of an Australian nurse and a love-lorn sergeant from the Cameliers.

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Oskar Teichman was the Medical Officer with the Worcestershire Yeomanry. This English cavalry unit fought alongside the Anzacs from Gallipoli to Palestine.
This well written account gives the English version of events in the Middle East from a serving doctors point of view.

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"ANZAC a Retrospective" by Canterbury Infantryman Cecil Malthus includes supporting accounts of actions taken by the ANZAC's on Gallipoli before and during the arrival of the Mounted Rifles. Cecil wrote this book in 1965, researching and compiling excepts of his own and others diaries written while at the Dardenelles.
This eBook covers chapter 3 only.

FREE Download and
read Chapter 3

The following list of books are considered to represent the official record of the New Zealand forces in the Great War.NOTE: There is some debate as to what exactly constitutes the official record and at theconclusion of this list is a list of additional titles that some would regard as official.As with the second world war, various other publications were made by official sources during the war, therefore this list cannot be considered necessarily complete.

1. The Official History of New Zealand's Effort in the Great War,
Volume I: Gallipoli. (Waite, F.).
Volume II: France (Stewart, H).
Volume III: The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine. (Powles, C.G).
Volume IV: The War Effort of New Zealand. (Drew, H.T.B).

2. Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment. (Wilkie).
3. The Story of Two Campaigns. The Official War History of the Auckland Mounted Rifles. (Nicol).
4. The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles. (Powles).
5. The Official History of the Otago Regiment. (Byrne).
6. The Auckland Regiment. (Burton).
7. The Canterbury Regiment. (Ferguson).
8. The Wellington Regiment NZEF. (Cunningham, Treadwell, Hanna).
9. Official History of The New Zealand Rifle Brigade. (Austin).
10. The Official History of the New Zealand Engineers. (Annabell).
11. With the Machine Gun Corps in France and Palestine. (Luxford).
12. The Regimental History of the New Zealand Cyclist Corps. (Officers).
13. The history of the NZ Artillery NZEF 1914-1918. (Byrne).
14. The Maoris in the Great War. (Cowan).
15. The New Zealand Tunnelling Company. (Neill).
16. With the NZ Trench Mortars in France. (Napier).
17. The Samoa (NZ) Expeditionary Force 1914-1915. (Smith).
18. The New Zealand Medical Services in the Great War. (Carbery).
19. New Zealand Expeditionary Force Roll of Honour.
20. By wires to Victory. (Ellis).

Additional texts considered by some to be, at least, pseudo-official are:
21. Record of Officers and Others, (Studholme).
22. Hospital Ships (vol.I-III), (the Earl of Liverpool).
23. With the Cameliers in Palestine, (Robertson).
24. Ways and by ways of a singing Kiwi, (McKinlay).
25. The Mounted Riflemen in Sinai and Palestine. (Moore, Brisco)
26. LAWRENCE, TUAPEKA MOUNTED RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. Dates from 1885 - 1894. Lists the Names, Occupations and vital statistics, remarks with cause and date leaving corps. Includes at back a list of members of the Tuapeka Rifle club 1895 & 96

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