New Zealand Mounted Rifles
Edward Chaytor

Major General Edward Chaytor: Inspirational leader of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles stands with his hand on the door of the ANZAC Mounted Division's Model "T" staff car. Edward Chaytor rose to become the only New Zealander to command an ANZAC division in WWI when he took command of the Australian and New Zealand troops of the ANZAC Mounted Division in Palestine in April 1917.
Note the silver fern of New Zealand and the boomerang of Australia emblem on the car door. Leaning on his stick is Brigadier General Cox of the 1st Australian Light Horse Brigade.

Photographs courtesy of the Australian War Memorial Museum. B00602

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General Edward Chaytor's actual submitted report on the events at ROMANI 1916 - This PDF download is 1.6 megs in size - The pages reproduced here have been taken from file AWM252 held in Canberra's Australian War Memorial Museum.

AWM B00088
Major General Chaytor, Commander of the Anzac Mounted Division seated with Ali Bey Wahaby, the commander of the 4th Turkish Army, who was captured by the Anzacs.
Photograph taken 29th September 1918 by Duncan McPherson.

General Chaytor sits at ease in the shade at a Middle East resting spot. This photograph was taken with a special housed dual lens camera. The image gives a previously unseen relaxed demeanour of the General. Usual photographs of the time showed subjects stiffly posed and expressionless.

A new look at a fad that swept the world in the late 19th and the early 20th century - "Sterocards". To view the 3D image one had to insert the dual photocard into a special hand held viewer - by using modern software the image on the right is rotating at eight times a second - although not as successful as using the special viewer (below) it is possible to attain a little of the effect.

If the flashing image above is difficult for your eye to balance, then sit square to the screen and allow your eyes to settle on the two black and white images here. Concertrate and allow your eyes to become 'Cross-eyed' and wait for a few moments - slowly the image will appear to you in full 3D.

Articles on New Zealand's only WWI General to command a division during the war follow shortly, however a comprehensive bio at the link below:

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