List of men of the 32th Reinforcements
recorded in the Ships
Newspaper "Horse Marines" published
onboard HMNZT 98 "TOFUA"
December 1917

32nd Reinforcements - NZMR
Officer Commanding Troops Aboard Ship. Major Batchelar.
Adjutant: 2nd. Lieut. B. Hooker
Provost S.M. S.S.M. (W.O.) Rowe J.L.O.
Ships S.M. S.M. Hoare, J.
Returning for duty. Major Smith

32nd. M.R. Troopers continued:
O.C. 2nd. Lieut. H.T. Penrhys-Evans. Hampton, B.L.
2nd. Lieut. S.M. James. Hampton, F.S.
2nd. Lieut. W.H. Ebbitt. Harrod, B. H.                     
Healev, P.R.                   
N. C. O's. flodgin, J.H.W.                  
S.M. Short, E.E Holden. H.A.
Q.M.S. Holden. W.R. Jackson, A.E.
Sergt. Hayes. S.P. James, E.T.
Sergt. McMillan, J.D. Jepps, T.W.
Sergt. Perry, W.C.J. Johnston, A.K.
Cpl. Crampto . H.D. Kemp, E.T.
Cpl. Jamieson, J.C. Kidd, G.H.
Cpl. Lawry, R.S. Knight, E.P.
Cpl. Oxton, G. Laurence, A
Cpl. Pearce, J.M Lewin, A.C.
Cpl. Snow, R.V. Lightfoot, T.R.
Cpl. Sullivan, W. Mansfield, J.J.
L.CpI. Biggara, G. Manson, A.C.
L.Cpl. Biggar, G. Miller, J.H.
L.CpI. Craw, R.M. Moylan, J.
L.CpI. Ferris, A.R. Mudgway, H.E.
L.Cpl. Morton, H. Murray, G.D.
L.CpI. Welfare, J. Mackay, R.A.
McGirr, F.
Troopers: McKee, B.J.
Adams, E.C. McMullan, J.A.
Allison. J.B. McQuillan, L.E.
Anderson, G. ; Nicholls, R.N.V.
Anderson, J. Norton, H.S.
Anderson, W.A. O'Carroll, F.
Armour, J. O'Sullivan, D.J.
Ballinger, F.H. O'Sullivan, J.
Bennett, R.F. Pearce, C. A.
Bennion, S.J. ; Pearce, W.H.
Boler. S. Pearson, D.W.
Boyd, J.P.; Perow, A.W.
Boyd, W.H. Perrow, J.A.
Brown, J.A.T. Pitts, F.
Bruce, A.A. Prestige, R. J.
Bruce,  C.D. Richardson, A.
Bruce, W.D. Ricketts, R.C.
Bryant. L.C. Riddell, J.
Buttolph, W.R.                                       Robertson, L.R.
Campbell, E.D.L. Rutter, E.
Campbell, W.F Ryan, D.
Capill, A.G. Sharpe, S.
Catherwood, R.G.Z. Shepherd, W.R.
Clegg W.                                              Sutherland, G.
Colley, R.R.                                           Talor, C.J.R.
Cooper, C. H. Taylor, J.M.
Counsell, J. R. Teasdale, G.A.
Croft, A. Tod, R.
Cunningham, A.S. Turner, C.W.
Cuthbert. R.W.J. Watt, M.
Davis A.M.                                           Weal, A.R.
Dunning, A.M. Weal, R.J.
Fry, H. N. Whelch, H.
Garwood, C.H Wilkinson, W.
Gemmell, R. Wilson, M.A.
Grace, H. Wilson, W.R.
Gray, J.S.R. Wright, W.R.
Gray, S.H.W

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