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The NZMR website is non-profit.
Bankers: Kiwibank
Account number: 38-9004-0796019-01
Account Name: The New Zealand Mounted Rifles

Dear members of our previously registered New Zealand Mounted Rifles Association. Unfortunately because of health issues and age many of our previously active members have been unable to travel the great distances to attend quorum meetings required under law to be audited as a Registered Incorporated Society.
It has therefore duly been decided that we would like to carry on with our web presence as it has been a great sucess with many thousands of page visits each month. However to keep a web presence with such a large depository of stored information requires your support and we thank you in advance.
All monies donated will be handled by our previous President Greg Bradley and the website will be managed by Steve But
ler, the Editor of the site since its inception.
Contact with our supporters is encouraged, and we ask that you supply any information you wish to share with us. This information will not be handed on to a third party.




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Please press the "SUBMIT" button to send your particulars to the NZMR - and post a cheque or money transfer to:

The Secretary
38 Criterion Street
Bulls 4818
New Zealand

OR pay with a Debit Card direct into the account below - include your name as a reference. OR pay at any branch of:
Account number: 38-9004-0796019-01
Include your name as reference.

On the arrival of your membership fee you will receive a membership code and receipt by return email.
Your fee ensures the Associations continued pressence on the web - Thank you.

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New Zealand Mounted Rifles Mission Statement