The military situation map for the 11th November 1917 shows the position of the advancing British forces in red and the Central Powers (Turkey, Germany, Austria) defenses in green on that date.
After the stagnation of the advance with the British Infantry unable to winkle the Turks out of Gaza on two separate assaults. General Murray was dismissed and replaced with a British Cavalryman, General Allenby, who understood the value of the Anzac Mounted Troops. An attack was planned to take Beersheba with a mounted force. A feint attack was carried out on Gaza to keep Turko-German reinforcements on the British left and then the large mobile mounted forces of Anzacs and British yeomanry appeared suddenly out of the desert on the far right.

(1) On the 28th October 1917 the New Zealand and Australian mounted troops watered their horses at Khalasa at the edge of the Sinai Desert. The force then moved to Aslug and from there on the 30th made a night march towards Beersheba.
(2) At 0800hrs the next morning the New Zealand Brigade made its attack on Tel el Saba, the highlands protecting Beersheba with entrenched artillery. After a long tiring day that moved slowly over exposed ground and cost many men, the Turkish heavy guns were finally silenced. It was 4.30 in the afternoon, and in a high gamble move, the 4th Australian Light Horse began its famous mounted charge, and take the town. (The 4th ALH of 800 men lost only 31 killed and 36 wounded in their magnificent fontal charge - it was noted that most casualties were not from the charge itself but the hand to hand fighting once the charge reached the trenches.)
(3) Next morning, November 1st, the NZMR are ordered to pursue fleeing Turkish forces, and found them in a defending position at Tel el Khuwilfeh. On the 5th and 6th attacks continued until finally mopping up enemy remnants the Brigade was ordered North and West to the Coast. Now the British Infantry and the Cameliers launched their third and final attack on Gaza on the far left - Gaza fell on the 7th.
(4) By the 11th, when this map was recorded, the NZMR Brigade was trekking quickly to its left. They are half way to the Mediterranean shore and North of recently captured Gaza.
(5) Breaking through the enemy lines at the coast the NZMR strike north to an area near Richon le Zion where on the 14th November the New Zealand Mounted Rifles made its famous attack on heavily defended positions at "Ayun Kara". By nightfall the Turks had fled.