New Zealand Mounted Rifles Wounded Machinegunner.
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A dramatic photograph from the camera of machinegunner Trooper Rowland Smith. This image taken somewhere in Palestine 1918. No other information is written on the obverse of the photo but the puggaree hat band flashes show that the operation being carried out is involving a large contingent of the NZMR. The hat on the left sitting on the ground carries the patch colours of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, the two other troopers supporting the wounded machinegunner are both members of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles. Trooper Smith was himself a member of the Auckland Mounted Rifles Machinegun section.

Rowland arrived in Egypt from New Zealand with the 29th to 34th Reinforcements on the S.S. Tofua, his only written notes is a comprehensive Trip Diary that finnishes with his arrival at Camp in Egypt 27th December 1917. This places the events in the above photograph in the last year of the war. The NZMR Brigade was in action either in the Jordan Valley, Jericho or involved in the attacks around Es Salt or Amman in the last year of 1918.
Photograph Trooper Rowland Smith Collection.