To preserve the history of the men and horses of New Zealand’s mounted rifles regiments and their predecessors.

Our Aims are:
  • To perpetuate the memory of New Zealand’s mounted riflemen through public participation in the form of Association Membership.
  • To obtain and preserve uniforms, weapons, and equipment (including tack) used by New Zealand’s mounted riflemen.
  • To support memorial mounted rifles troops formed by Members of the Association.
  • To research, record and preserve the traditions and customs of NZ mounted rifles units.
  • To collect and preserve literature written by or about the mounted rifles, including the collection and preservation of unit records, awards, personal diaries, photographs, medals, books and articles relating to New Zealand’s mounted rifles regiments.
  • To operate mounted rifles museums.
  • To make available information on the mounted rifles to the public.
  • To provide comradeship for its members who find the esprit de corps of the mounted rifles stimulating and rewarding.
  • To recognize the role of New Zealand horses and their service to New Zealand in times of conflict .
  • To maintain a web presence through which members and the general public can access information relating to the New Zealand mounted rifles.  
The New Zealand Mounted Rifles Association Incorporated provides communities and individuals with the ability to share, remember and participate in a unique part of our military history that may otherwise be lost. People of all ages and backgrounds will come to enjoy the unique, educational, and innovative environment that The New Zealand Mounted Rifles Association provides.
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FREE eBooks available

The two books above link the New Zealand Mounted Rifles with two other important allied forces in action during the Great War. Both the British Isles "Yeomanry" Cavalry units and the I.C.C. Camel mounted riflemen went into action with the New Zealanders many times together, including the battles of Magdabah, Rafa, Gaza, Beersheba and Jericho.
The Camel Corp, readily referred to as the "Cameliers", were made up predominately with Australian troops but also members of other allied nations, including New Zealand, India and the British Isles. The Yeomanry were mostly English cavalry but also soldiers from Wales and Scotland.
The New Zealand Mounted Rifles congratulates and thanks the effort by the Microsoft Corporation in making available page image scans of library books held in the United States. Our Association has readily taken advantage of this source and has reformatted and compressed these page scans to small downloadable text files.

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