J H Russell 30467

 21st Reinforcements NZMR

Melbourne, Colombo.

March 1917

After a short visit to Melbourne (2 days) and meeting with some local ladies (could also be relations?), one day in Adelaide and five hours in Fremantle. The 5th of March sees the troopers crossing the equator and welcoming Neptune on board. Reaching Colombo on the 7th of March 1917.
The pictures above shows their arrival in Colombo. The bottom left picture is of interest as it shows the men jam packed on a barge. Could you get any more men on board?  A street in Colombo. The last picture says Suez  2/4/17. We Know that the 21st Reinforcements also stopped at Bombay and stayed eight days there and trans-shipped from the RMS Morea to the SS Mashobra. , sailing for Suez and arriving there on the 2/4/17. There does not seem to be any photos of their stay in Bombay.
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April 1917