J H Russell 30467

 21st Reinforcements NZMR

Suez and Moscar Camp

April 1917

It is now 2 April 1917 and the 21st Reinforcements NZMR has arrived at Suez after nearly eight weeks since they left New Zealand.

The first Picture says Escort Saphire Red Sea the second says Leaving Mashobra (the Transport Ship) The remaining pictures shows scenes of the port of Suze. James has placed a picture of someone from NZ here this could be is wife or could be a relation but am not sure. It is strange that they should leave the transport by barge. The last photo shows Moscar Camp.

After April the the dates fade out and many captions also disappear so we will have to do our best to work out the dates from now on.

The above set of pictures shows a mix of  places. Some are of the Port of Suze and others show their arrival at Moscar Camp where new arrivals are put through their paces before being sent to the Brigade and the Front Lines.
By 14 April 1917 the troopers have settled into their routine of training but still have time to do some sight seeing and some bathing in the Salt Lake. The bottom left picture shows Troopers by the Suez Canal watching a Battle Ship go by. The trooper wears a feather in his hat and so must be an Australian Trooper. The last picture shows James clowning with a camel. Un fortunately I am not able to improve the picture in the middle which shows the W.M.R 21st Rein. Moscar Camp Ismailia.
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