Personal Histories of the NZMR
Troopers stories of the NZMR
Top left: Railway Movement Order issued for the Kantara Railway, the line that ran from the Canal in Egypt across the Sinai and into Turkish Palestine. Top right: The regular postcard home once the troops made leave in Cairo.
Brothers in arms left to right - Troopers Arthur Boswell, Norman Tate, Hector Gaiterer (an ex-publican from Chrishchurch),
Jock Cookey and Tom Cooke outside their bell tent - Alexandria.


Wellington East Coast
Mounted Rifles

29th Reinforcements
Mounted Rifles Brigade
Main Body
Main Body
22nd Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade
Main Body
28th Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade
23rd Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles
6th Reinforcements
31st Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade
5th Reinforcements
2nd Reinforcements


James Hamilton Russell

21st Reinforcements

30th Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade

Trooper George Fowler
Canterbury M.R.

36th Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade

Trooper Charles Thomas Broomfield
26th Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles
11th Reinforcements Auckland Mounted Rifles, A Squadron

The NZMR association is looking for new members both in New Zealand and overseas.
The association is always interested in receiving from members of the public information in reference to soldiers of the Mounted Rifles of world war one. Such items as personal diaries, books, printed articles, old "Weekly News" copies, letters home, pieces of tack such as saddles, spurs - but even more importantly; people. The association seeks the support of horse lovers, sons and daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the men of the NZMR.
There is a desire by many to preserve and promote the gallant men who went as members of a colonial force to the defence of Empire, and returned home to these shores as New Zealanders.