Copied From the Australian War Museum scanned PDF File AWM 35/23/1
New Zealand Mounted Rifles.  War Dairy for
1st. Machine Gun Squadron
N.Z.M.R.M.S. JULY 1916
Transcribed to text by Gordon Sylvester NZMRA - December 2011
Transcribers notes: entries of question marks (??) are undecipered



July 1916
Hill 70
            Kantara                                                                                              (page 2)
Jul 15th
                        Formation of N.Z.M.R. Machine Gun Squadron commenced in accordance with new establishment for Cavalry Brigades with slight modifications as laid down for Brigades of ANZAC Mounted Division.
            Existing section of 52 Other Ranks, 72 Horses and 4 Guns (3 Maxims and 1 Vickers) from each Regiment of NZMR Bde. transferred to the Machine Gun Squadron.
            Two Officers from each Regiment seconded from their Regiments and posted to the Bde Machine Gun Squadron
            2nd Lieut ( Temp Capt.) R. P. Harper Brigade Machine Gun Officer appointed to command the Squadron.  Lieut G. F. Yerex A.M.R. seconded from Regt. and attached to Machine Gun Squadron to act temporarily as Adjutant.
            Names of Officers posted and attached to the Squadron:-
2nd Lieut ( Temp Capt.) R. P. Harper from Bde H.Q.’s,  Lieut G. F. Yerex, 2nd Lieut. T. McCarroll, and 2nd. Lieut.  A. C. Hineman from A.M.R. 2nd. Lieut. G. G. Harper and 2nd. Lieut.L. A. Craven from C.M.R.   

                                                                                                            (page 3)
Jul 15th.
Cont.    Lieut. R. F. Chapman and 2nd Lieut. D. E. Batchelar from W.M.R.

Jul 16th. Two Sections, strength as stated/, marched in from ?O.M.R. at Bir ET Maler under Lieut. R. F. Chapman.  (GFY)
            2/ Lieut. D. E. Batchelar reported in Hospital.

17th. & 18th.            Camp laid out.  Men, horses and equipment indented for to complete establishment. (GFY)

19th                  AMR and CMR Sections marched in.  Camp erected.  N.C.O.s and specialists appointed.  (GFY)

20th to 24th.            Training and exercise daily.  Testing guns.
                        Re-equipping.  Building stables, mess-huts and cook-houses.  Exchanged 3 Maxim Guns for three new Vickers Guns,  making our gun-strength 6 Maxims and 6 Vickers. (GFY)

25th.                 Drew 21 Remounts.  (GFY)

26th & 27th.            Training, Exercising, and Range firing.  (GFY)

28th.                                                                                         (page 4)
                        Drew 28 horses and issued to Sections.  Two O/R’s of NZMC taken on strength (Attached)
            Capt.  H. M. Heay NZMC joined squadron temporarily attached.  (GFY)

29th.                 Rebranding new horses.  (GFY)

30th.                 52 O/R’s arrived from Training Regt Tel EL Kebir and taken on strength to complete establishment.  Orders received to be ready to move out at short notice.

31st. To Aug 3rd.            Training.  Instructing new men and training new pack-horses.
                        Difficulty experienced in getting saddler, especially pack saddler.  Had to construct hangers for guns, and ammunition panniers out of hoop ‘iron’.  S. A. A. boxes, leather &c., to be ready to take out as had only been issued with G. S. Pack – saddles without gun hangers or ammunition panniers.  (GFY)

                                                            R. P. Harper.  Capt.
                                                            N.Z.M.R.M.G. Sqndn

Transcribers note:-
  (GFY) are the initials of the Adjutant, 13/2973 Lieut George Franklyn Yerex, who obviously wrote the diary that was later signed by the Captain.