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New Zealand Mounted Rifles.  War Dairy for
1st. Machine Gun Squadron
N.Z.M.R.M.S. APRIL 1917
N.Z.M.R.M.S. MAY 1917
N.Z.M.R.M.S. JUNE 1917
N.Z.M.R.M.S. JULY 1917
N.Z.M.R.M.S. AUGUST 1917
Transcribed to text by Gordon Sylvester NZMRA - December 2011
Pagination starts with cover page as No. 1 in each file

Transcribers notes: entries of question marks (??) are undecipered



April. 1917

                                                                                                            (page 2)
1st.       Church Parade.    5 O/R marched in.

2nd.  1200 On outpost with Brigade.

3rd.  1400 Returned from Outpost.  Sent 3 Limbers to Bir el Melalha for gear.

4th.       Camp routine.  Cleaned Saddlery.

5th.       Camp routine.  Gun instruction.

6th.       Camp routine. Signalling and Gun Instruction.

7th.       Camp routine.  2/ Lieut Kelly returned to Moascar

8th.       Camp routine.  1200    Left for outpost.

9th.  1400 Returned from outpost.  Drew ammunition from PAC.

10th.     Camp routine.  Cleaned saddler.  5 O/R marched in from Moascar.

11th.     Inspection of Belts, Boxes & ammunition.

12th.     Gun Instruction.  3 O/R left for Cairo for interview with O.C.  R.F.C.

13th.     Grazing Parade.

14th.     Gun Instruction & Signalling.

15th.     Church Parade.

16th.     Preparations for move.  Received secret orders for Operations in Shellal – Beersheba area.
                        Marched out with Brigade at 1830.  Arrived Shellal 0600.  Fed & watered.

17th.  0900 Moved out with Brigade in direction of Beersheba, advance guard can into touch with enemy at 1100.  Squadron stayed in reserve & returned to bivouac at Shellal at 2300.

18th.  1000            Reconnaissance in Beersheba area.  Returned to Shellal 2100.  Rationed and moved out at 2300.
R. P. Harper.  Capt.


                                                                                                                        (page 3)
19th.  0500            Arrived Tel El Jemmi.  Rationed and Watered.
         1100            Sent 4 guns with Wellington Regt east of Wadi El Baha  to attack Sausage Ridge.  Guns gave covering fire at ranges from 1000 to 1400 yds on to enemy entrenched, while our troops advanced.
         1200            Moved with Bde to KH el Aseiferiyife(?)
         1210            Sent 4 guns with Canty Reg to attack enemy at Rosm(?) el Atawineh(?).  One section had severe casualties from shell fire but advanced behind the first line troops & obtained good targets at 1000 yds to 1600 yds onto a redoubt.  Also
 enemy advancing through crops.

         1900            Brigade commenced to withdraw over wadi and at 2030 moved to Tel el Jemmi.  Watered and bivouacked.
Casualties  1 O/R Killed  1 Officer   16 O/R  wounded  Ammunition expended 10000.

20th.   0930            Moved to Weli Sheikhnuran.
           1600            Took over outpost line.

21st.                 Outpost line until 1600, were relieved by 2nd  Brigade  L. H.
         1630            Moved to Abasah el Kebir to bivouac

22nd.  1400            Moved out to outpost line  vicinity of Karum(?) Abu el Hiseia north to point 280.

23rd.                 On Outpost.  Trench digging etc.

24th.                 On outpost.  Trench digging.  10 O/R from Moascar marched in.

25th.                 On outpost.  Trench digging.  3 Pack horses taken on strength.
 R. P. Harper.  Capt.

(page 4)
26th.   1900            Relieved by I.C.C.  Moved to new bivouac ¾ mile NW of point 330.

27th.                 In Bivouac.  Supplied digging parties for trenches.

28th.                 In Bivouac.
                        4 guns on outposts.

29th.                 Digging parties.  Received orders for move.
        1200            Marched out with Brigade and went into bivouac at Tel El Fara.

30th.                 Camp routine.  All officers went round outpost line.

Signed; R. P. Harper.  Capt.
O.C.   N.Z.M.R.M.G. Sqndn


May. 1917     
                                                                                                (page 2)
1st.       0600 Squadron moved out with Brigade over Wadi el Ghuzze to Gos el Basal. Advance regiments reconnoitred ground around Imsiri.
            1700    Returned to bivouac.  – 17 O/R marched in from Moascar. – 12 remounts  taken on strength.

2nd.                  Camp routine.  Inspection of Guns and rifles

3rd.                   Camp routine.

4th.                   Camp routine.
5th.                   Camp routine.  Brought up forges from Dump & commenced shoeing.

6th.                   Camp routine.  2/Lieut (Temp Lieut) Batchelar, Russell, Hinman (Temp Capt.), Craven, promoted to Lieutenant’s to complete establishment to date 15/3/17.
            2115            Squadron moved out with Brigade across Wadi El Guzzi and headed 3 miles East of Wadi.

7th.       0100            Auck & Canty Regts moved out to KA Khasif & Imsiri & Squadron with B.H.Q. & reserve Regt.  Moved up to point 1 mile NE of Karm for all clear being reported,  Brigade returned to bivouac arriving 0930.
 R. P. Harper.  Capt.

(page 3)
8th.                   Camp routine.  Gun  drill with Gas helmets on. – Cleaned saddler

9th.                   Camp routine.  Gun  drill with Gas helmets on.

10th.                 Camp routine.  Gun  drill with Gas helmets on.
            2230            Received orders for reconnaissance towards Beersheba.

11th.     0330            Marched out with Brigade to Point 550 East of Karm where B.H.Q. and reserve Regt.  Remained.  Sent one section of guns with Auckland Regt who reconnoitred to El Buqqar.  No engagement took place.
            1400            Returned to bivouac.

12th.                 Brigade Sports.

13th.                 Camp routine

14th.                 Squadron put through gas test.  Moved to new bivouac area.

15th.                 Fixing up new camp.

16th.     0500            Sent out one section of guns with Auck  Regt.  to point 550 East of Karm.  On advance guard reporting all clear Regt returned to bivouac.
            1645            Sent one section of guns with Cant Regt as covering party for 74th Div who were digging trenches on East bank of Wadi el Ghuzze.
R. P. Harper.  Capt.

(page 4)
17th.     0700            Section with Canterbury Regt returned to bivouac. – 8 O/R marched in from Moascar.
            1700            Squadron moved out with Brigade to take over new battle line consisting of El Sharuth group of works.

18th.                 In battle line.

19th.                 Camp routine. – Cleaned saddlery. – Branded all New Zealand Horses.  N. Z.

20th.                 Camp routine. – Gun Instruction.  1 remount taken on strength.

21st.                 Camp routine. – Received Secret Orders for raid on Railways line between Aslui & Auja  
22nd.                Camp routine.
            1830            Moved out with Brigade in direction of Khalasa

23rd.                 Took up position between Goz Sheihili & Um Ajua as protection to demolition party blowing up Railway.  No engagement.
            1730            Brigade commenced to withdraw.  Retd to bivouac arriving 2330.

24th.                 Camp routine. – Lieut L.A.C. Raven awarded Military Cross.

25th.                 Camp routine. – Inspection of gas helmets

26th.                 Camp routine. – Branding of horses.

27th.                 Preparation for move.
                                                                        R. P. Harper.  Capt.

Tel  El Para                                                                                                                 (page5)
May 1917
            Preparation for move.
28th.     1400            Marched out with Brigade to new bivouac site N.E. of Abasan el Kebir.
            1600            Received secret orders that the area selected for the Brigade was not available & Brigade would move again at 1100 next day.

29th.     1100            Moved to new bivouac area southwest of Abasan el Kebir.

30th.                 Camp routine. – Fixing up camp. – Received 3 limbers from transport camp.

31st.                 Camp routine.- G.O.C. Brigade inspected camp. – Dug gun pits for mounting guns at night in event of Air Raids – Instruction of Guns & spare parts by O.C. Squadron..

Signed:    R. P. Harper.  Capt.
[Under imprint of Unit Stamp]


June. 1917
El Furkari   
                                                                             (page 2)
1st.       Squadron paraded mounted and rode to Ordnance Depot Khan Yunis. Handed in Mark VI rifles and bayonets & were issued with Mark VII.

2nd.      All rifles and cleaned and examined.  Capt. Hinman reported to Brigade Major at 0930 and together with other Adjutants rode to position of assembly for Brigade and Division in the event of an attack, to make themselves
conversant with the locality.

3rd.                   Squadron paraded mounted & rode to railway siding Khan Yunis for disinfecting clothes and bedding.
Returned 5 Limbers to 2nd ALH Brigade in accordance with Div Orders. 2/Cpl Busby sent to school of instruction, Zeitoun for technical course on M G C.

4th.                   Commenced syllabus of training:- Standing gun drills,  Signalling & Range finding. – Sent an NCO to Div H.Q for 3 days course in Gas Instructions.
 Received 5 Limbers from Anzac Mounted Div train thus completing to 12 limbers in possession.

5th.                   Emptied ammunition belts and returned all Mark VI Amm to D.A.C. and Drew Mark VII  Refilled Belts and bandoliers. – Squadron paraded mounted
                        1330 & marched to Brigade and Divisional assembly grounds.  When all [cont...]
C. Hinman.  Capt.

(page 3)
                        Officers had been made conversant with formation and position units returned to bivouac independently.

6th.                   Tested Mack VII ammunition on Range and found several brands unsuitable for machine guns.  Rendered detailed report to B. H. Q.
                        Two sections fire grouping & application practices with rifles on range. 
                        Shooting was fair.  Light was bad.  Remainder of Squadron carried out gun drills in camp.
                        Lt. L.A. Craven M.C.  placed on NZ Roll owing to wounds  to date 15/5/17

7th.                   Gas helmet drill & inspection. – Range shooting with Machine Guns trying new ammunition and tuning up guns.
10 O/R’s marched in from Moascar

8th.                   Brigade moved to new bivouac at Tel el Marrakeb on beach.

9th.                   Camp routine.

10th.                 Received notification of Capt R. P. Harper being awarded the Military Cross.

  1. C. Hinman  Capt.


(page 4)
11th.                 Two sections put through ranging practice on beach. – Remainder of Squadron carried out standing gun drill – Mechanism and signalling in squadron lines.

12th.                 One & half sections – Ranging practice – Remainder as on 11th. inst.

13th.  & 14th.             One & half sections – Ranging practice – Remainder as on 11th. inst.
                        Four sections sent to Mounted Field Ambulance for dental inspection.
                        All gas helmets sprayed and inspected.

15th.                 Two sections to Dentist – Squadron carried standing gun drills and mechanism.

16th.                 Inspection of  Squadron by G.O.C. Desert Column – Squadron complimented.

17th.                 Preparations for move.

18th.                 Brigade moved to new bivouac area at El Fukhari.  Move completed by 1100.

19th.                 Completed reserve ammunition to establishment and filled all belts.

20th.                 Gas demonstration at Div H.Q.  Lt. Prior & 20 O/R put through gas mask.

21st.                 Gun mechanism for all ranks under section arrangements

22nd.                Gun mechanism. – 2 Off & 20 O/R left Cairo on leave.
A.C. Hinman  Capt.

June 1917
23rd.                 Two sections carried out range practice with M G’s.  G.O.C. inspected camp.

24th.                 Two sections carried out range practice with M G’s  2Lieut  L. J. Armstrong marched in from Moascar.  Lieut R. F. Chapman marched out to Moascar.
L Cpl  Busby returned from School of Instr. Zeitoun.  4 O/R marched in fromMoascar.  Drew 16000 rounds Amm from D. A. C.

25th.                 Two sections range shooting.  Drew Framework and Hutting for30 Bivouac’s. Lieut  Cobb & Serg Major reported to B. H. Q. for instruction of making new  bivouac’s

26th.                 Commenced construction of special Bivouac’s

27th.                 Construction of bivouacs. – 4 O/R left for leave to Cairo. 1 O/R marched in from Detention Compound Moascar.

28th.                 Construction of Bivouacs.  All gas helmets sprayed and inspected.  2 Off & 20 O/R returned from leave to Cairo.

29th.                 Range firing.  Single shot traversing & elevating on 25 yd line.

30th.                 Range firing.  Single shot traversing & elevating on 25 yd line.  2nd Lieut Picot and 4 O/R left for Imperial School of Instruction Zeitoun for machine gun and signalling courses.
 A.C. Hinman  Capt.


                                                                                                                        (page 6)
Squadron  strength  1-6-17        8 Off.               214 O/R
                              30-6-17             8 Off.               216 O/R
                        In Hospital                      16
                        From Hospital                20
                        Reinforc marched in       3
                        Transferred                       5


Signed:    A.C. Hinman  Capt.
For O.C  N.Z. M. R Bdge
Machine Gun Squadron

July. 1917
                                                                                      (page 2)
1st.       Sunday Church Service.- Routine.

2nd.                  Continued with construction of shelters.- 8 O/R marched in from Moascar. – Collected all shoe cases and sent to Rafa Dump.

3rd.                   Lieut Russell reported to B. H. Q at 0400 and proceeded with party of Brigade officers to  H.Q. Mounted Brigade and were then shown over ground to be patrolled by Brigade on taking over from 5th Brigade on 6th inst. – Two sections put through on (grounding?) and application procedures with Rifles. 
                        Received secret orders for reconnaissance towards Beersheba and Squadron (strength 6 Off. 156 O/R.) moved out with Brigade at 2400.

4th.                   Arrived at Fara Beersheba – Abushawish – Khalasa Crossroads at 0615 but as enemy guns could reach this point we withdrew towards El Buggar.  Brigade were in reserve all day.  Squadron returned to Kl Khasip to water at 1500 and awaited the arrival of the rest of Brigade at Karm.  Left Karm at 1900. 
                        Arrived bivouac Kazar 2300.

5th.                   Preparations for move.

6th.                   Moved to new bivouac area in Wadi north of Fara.  Took over camp of 4th. A.L.H.

  1. C. Hinman.  Capt.


(page 3)
7th.                   Stood to arms 0330 to 0500.- Recd secret order for recon towards Beersheba

8th.                   Squadron [8 off,  146o/r] moved out with brigade 0600.  2 sections of guns were then sent to join each Auckland and Canterbury Regiments.  Remaining 2 sections were kept as reserve – Brigade arrived El Buggar 0800.  Auckland Regt pushed forward on south & Canterbury on North and occupied line Abuyahia inclusive. Point 720 -820 – 810 all inclusive.  Auck Regt were under shell fire for some time.  Our guns did not get within firing distance.  After holding line all day the Brigade withdrew at 1600 & returned to bivouac.  No casualties.

9th.                   Stood to arms 0330 to 0500.  Inspection of Guns and Rifles. – 6 o/r marched out to change of Air Camp E. L. Arish.  Received secret   orders for surrounding Kh Khasif.  Three sections under O.C. Capt. R.P. Harper moved out at2330 & joined Canterbury Regt and marched to Goz el Basal.  Horses were left under guard at this place & remainder of distance covered on foot. 
                        This Regiment lined ridge North and North-East of KH Khasif at 0330am. 
                        Guns getting to good positions overlooking wells and trees in KH Khasis.[cont...]
A.C. Hinman.  Capt.


(page 4)
9th. cont            Remaining three sections under Capt.A. C. Hinman left camp at 0100 with
& 10th.             B.H.Q. and Auckland Regt.& proceeded to Karm.  At daybreak screen  pushed forward into Kh Khasip & found all clear.  When other regiments had sent in reports Brigade returned to bivouac with exception of W.M.R. Regt & one section M.G. under Lieut Batchelar  who proceeded to Goz El Gileib to act as covering troops to survey party.  This section returned to bivouac at 1200

11th.                 Stood to arms 0330 to 0500.  One section under Lieut. Cobb joined C.M.R. Regt at 0615 to act as covering troop to Survey Party at Goz El Gileib.
Retd to bivouac 1200

12th.                 Stood to arms 0330 to 0500.   Gas helmets resprayed
Two sections under Capt. A.C. Hinman joined one squadron C.M.R. Regt at (Fore?) at 1930 & proceeded to Goz El Gileib where O.C’s both squadrons were awaiting them.  Intention to lay ambush in vicinity of Hill 630 brought no results owing to absence of cover.  Enemy was observed at day break[cont...]
A.C. Hinman  Capt.


July                                                                                                                             (page 5)
12th. cont.           ... North of Hill 630 and were dispersed  by M.G. fire.  A few wounded
 & 13th.            men  were observed but beyond M.G. firing distance.  Force withdrew at 0600 One section under Lieut. Edridge accompanied 10th. Sqd C.M.R.& surrounded Im Siri Well at 0300.  No enemy encountered.  Force withdrew at 0630.

14th.                 Stood to arms 0330 to 050. Overhauled and inspected Guns and Rifles.

15th.                 Church Service.  O.C. Capt. R.P. Harper attended conference of O.C’s M.G. Units at East Force H.Q.  Establishments were discussed at some length but no alterations affecting squadron were decided on.

16th.                 Cleaned harness and saddlery.

17th.                 Gun and Rifle Inspection.

18th.                 One section under Lieut Armstrong moved out at 0530 with W.M.R. Regt. and proceeded to position 750 North of List L in Abu El  Rigal.  Patrols were pushed forward but country was free of enemy.  Force retd to camp 1600.
A.C. Hinman  Capt.


                                                                                                                        (page 6)
19th.                 O.C. & three sections officers proceeded to El Shauth (works?) To pick out gun positions to be taken over in event of an attack.  At 0930 received orders for Squadron to turn out, water and proceed to Gamli Crossing by 1000. 
                        Joined up with B.H.Q. on East Bank of Wadi Ghuzzi & Brigade pushed forward to Karm and Goz el Basal  Remained in reserve all day out of gun range & returned to camp at 2300 drew 24h rations

20th.                 and moved out again at 0030, three sections going with each of the two regiments and CMR & WMR Brigade took over outpost line Goz El Gelieb to Goz el Basal and at dawn pushed forward to Hill 630.  Enemy had withdrawn right back over Wadi Imelih. – Brigade withdrew at 1400. 
Casualties  3 O/R wounded  3 horses killed.

21st & 22nd.            Camp routine   Inspection of Saddlery by Section Officers.  Parade of Sqdn for examination of septic sores. 
2/ Lieut. E. H. Picot & 1 O/R retd from S of I Zeitoun.
A.C. Hinman  Capt.


                                                                                                                                    (page 7)
23rd.                 Received orders to join Brigade East bank of Wadi Guzzi at Farra crossing at 0450.  Proceeded to Line 510, 550, 630, 720, 810 without opposition.  Held line until 1230 and then withdrew and returned to camp.  6 O/r returned from (Chge of Air) camp.

24th. & 25th.            Gun & Rifle inspection

26th.                 One section under  2/L Edridge joined C.M.R. Regt at 0530 & proceeded to Abus Hawish Rd.  holding from contour 300 to Point 510 until 1800 when force withdrew. – 2 Officers and 20 o/r marched out on leave to Cairo.

27th.                 Camp routine.

28th.                 Stood to arms 0330 to 0500. – One section under 2/Lt Picot joined AMR Regt on reconnaissance similar to 26 inst.  2/L Edridge & one O/R marched out to School of Instruction Zeitoun.

29th.                 Squadron marched out with Brigade at 0530 to Point 510 on Abus Hawish Rd.  & held line from contour 300 to Point 720 inclusive until 1200 during which time the C. in C visited Railhead Goz El Geleib.  Returned to camp 1415

30th.                 Stood to arms 0330 to 0500. – The section under Lieut Armstrong joined C.M.R Regt. in reconnaissance similar to 26th inst.

31st.                 Stood to arms 0330to 0500. – Received 4 limbers from Rafa Ordnance Workshop? having being overhauled.
A.C. Hinman  Capt.

                                                            SUMMARY                                                    (page 8)
            Squadron Strength 1st July 1917             8 Off.               216  O/R
            Squadron Strength 31st July 1917           8 Off.               216  O/R                

            To Rest Camp  El Arish                 6    O/R
            To Hospital                                    19    O/R
            To Detention Compound               1    O/R
            Transferred                                       1    O/R
From Rest Camp El Arish                         6
From Hospital                                            10      O/R
Reinforcements                                         11      O/R

Signed:    A.C. Hinman  Capt.
Under Regt Stamp.

Aug. 1917                                                                              
                                                                                (page 2)
1st.       Stood to arms 0330 to 0500.  One section under Capt. Harper joined W.M.R. Regt at 0530 on reconnaissance along Abu Shawish Road from point 300 to 510 and of Wadis Sheria & Imlesh from point 280 to 410.  The screen exchanged shots with enemy but guns did not get within range.  Force withdrew 1700.
2/Lt Armstrong  & 6 O/R marched out to change of air camp – Port Said. – 2 Officers and 23 O/R returned from leave, - 10 O/R marched in from Moascar. – One section under Lieut Russell joined C.M.R. Regt at 1830 & proceeded toGoz el Basal to act as covering  troops to 2 L.H. Brigade who were engaged laying cable to Karm.  Force withdrew 2230.

2nd.                  Stood to arms 0330 to 0500  4 Limbers complete with 8 drivers 16 mules and harness detailed to Brigade transport. – Two sections under Capt.Hinman joined up with W.M.R Regt at 1820 and proceeded to  Kh Khasif to act as covering troops to Light Horse  cable party.  Took up line East North East & South East of Kh Khasif and withdrew at 2330 when Light Horse had completed work.

3rd.                   Stood to arms 0330 to 0500. – One section under Lieut. Picot marched out with A.M.R. Regt. at 0530.for reconnaissance along Abu Shawish Road from point 300 to 510, did not get within the range of the enemy shelled in the afternoon.  No casualties.  Force withdrew 1800.

4th.                   Stood to arms 0330 to 0500. – CO Capt. R.P. Harper attended conference of M.G. C.O’s at Desert Column Head Quarters.  Squadron paraded to M.F.A. for cholera inoculation.

5th.                   Church Service. – Rifles of the section handed in to Armourers to have sling swivels tightened up

  1. C. Hinman.  Capt.

(page 3)
6th.                   One section under Lieut. Cobb joined W.M.R Regt at 0545 on reconnaissance to Esani.  Section remained at 750 north of Abu el Rigal while patrols went forward.  On patrols reporting all clear force withdrew and returned bivouac.  134 O/R paraded to Shellal Junction for the disinfecting of clothes. – Rifles of 2 section handed in to armourer for adjustment.

7th.                   One section under Lieut Batchelar joined A.M.R. Regt on reconnaissance to Esani.  Section 4 for GR inst(?).  Nothing to report. – Rifles of 2 section handed in to Armourer for adjustment.

8th.                   One section under Sergeant joined C.M.R Regt on reconnaissance to Esani.
 Nothing to report. – Rifles of 2 Section handed in to Armourer for adjustment. – Inspection of Guns and Rifles.

9th.                   Camp routine.  Ammunition belts overhauled and inspected.

10th.                 6 O/R to rest camp Port Said.  Extract from NZEF Orders No. 15 -17. –11/465 S.S.M  Ball G, having passed cadet course is apptd 2/ Lieut supplementary to establishment to date? 16-7-17.

11th.                 Lieut. Armstrong & 5 o/r marched in from Rest Camp Port Said.  Received Secret Orders for raid on Sana Redoubt by  I.C.C. supported by N.Z.M.R Brigade.  Squadron [7 Off. & 141 O/R] moved out with Brigade at 2000 & proceeded to two tree hill (330) where B. H. Q. made their station line 410- 340 – 280 was taken back by advance squadron. On completion of raid by ICC.  Brigade withdrew to camp.  Squadron casualties  Nil.
A.C. Hinman.  Capt.

(page 4)
12th.                 Camp routine. – 18 o/r marched out on leave.

13th.                 Stood to arms 0330 to 0500 – Inspection of Guns – rifles and Very Pistols. – Received secret orders for raid on Irgeic by 2nd. A.L.H. Brigade supported by NZMR Brigade. – Squadron [ 7 off. – 126o/r] moved out with Brigade at 1900 & proceeded to Karm where B. H. Q. were established.  Three sections were sent forward with Auckland and Canterbury Squadrons to hold line 820 – 790 – 730 – 630 – Elgirieir – 550 – 510 – operations completed Brigade withdrew.  Casualties Nil.

14th.                 Extract from NZEF Orders 15/7/17 Para358 Mentioned in Dispatches Capt R.P. Harper 7/659 Serg J.A Bass 11/468 Serg G. Ball

15th.                 10 o/r marched in from Moascar.

16th                  Reconnaissance of area Southwest of Beersheba by G.O.C Desert Mtd Corp 420th.Corp. covered by Anzac Mtd Division. – Squadron [7 off 132 o/r] moved out with Brigade 0130.  Two sections joining C.M.R & two sections
A.M.R at Wadi Crossing Fara(?)
                        Brigade occupied line 840 (Inclusive) Taw ??l El Hadari – 820 – 810 – 770 (inclusive)  One section came into action against Turkish patrols at 2000 yds dispersing patrol. Casualties 2 o/r wounded.  Ammunition expended 300 Rds.

17th.                 Preparation for move.
A.C. Hinman  Capt.

                                                                                                                                     (page 5)
18th.                 Squadron moved out with Brigade at 1100 & marched to new Bivouac area on beach west of Marakeb.

19th.                 18 o/r returned from  leave. – 7 o/r marched out to rest camp Port Said.  1 o/r marched in from School of Instr.

20th.                 O.C. Capt. R. P. Harper attended conference at Desert Column H. Q. – 6 o/r marched in from Port Said Rest Camp. – 11/1049 Serg. O’Brien F.R. Died of wounds.

21st.                 Lt. Edridge marched in from School of Instr.  50% of Sqdn inoculated T.A.B.

22nd.                Gun & Rifle inspection.

23nd.                Capt. Hinman & Lt. Prior attended lectures at Desert Column HQ on Foundations of 3rd. ? echelon. – Squadron transport inspected by A.D.S. & J.

24th.                 11/643 Q.M.B. Coates marched out to Cadet Course Zeitoun – 50% inoculated T.A.B.

25th.                 6 – o/r to School of Instruction.

26th.                 12- o/r marched in from Moascar.

27th.                 Capt. R.P. Harper attended conference of M.G.  C. O’s at Desert Column H.Q.

28th.                 All officers of squadron attended lecture at D.H.Q. given by Lt. Col. Partridge Desert Mtd Corp Machine gun officer.

29th.                 Camp Routine.

30th.                 Camp Routine. – 1 Off. & 6 o/r to Rest camp Port Said.  – 7 o/r retd from Rest Camp Port Said.

31st.                 Inspection of squadron by G O C Anzac Mtd Division
                        Lt. Kelly marched in from Moascar. – Lieut Batchelar marched out to Moascar for duty on training cadre.
  A.C. Hinman  Capt.

                                                                                                                                    (page 6)
                  Squadron strength on 1st. August 1917  8 Off.  216  O/R
                                                         31st. August 1917  7 Off.  216 O/R

                                                O/R                             Off.
                       To Hospital      15
            To Dental Moascar    16
            To Cadet Course      1
                        Transferred        3
            To Rest Camp            12                             1
                                                43                                1

            From Hospital          15
            Reinforcements       23
            From Rest Camp      5
A.C. Hinman  Capt.



Sept. 1917                                                                              
Beach Marakeb                                                                      (page 2)
1st.       Camp Routine.

2nd.                  Inoculation T.A.B.   
3rd.                   2 Off. & 30 O/R put through gas demonstration. – Lctr to Off & N.C.O’s
4th.  & 5th.            Camp Routine. – Lctrs to Off. & N.C.O.’s  
6th.                   Inoculations T.A.B. – 2 N.C.O,’s sent to Gas instructional course at D.H.Q.
                        2 Sections range shooting. – 6 O/R marched out to Port Said Rest Camp.

7th.                   1 Off. & 6 O/R marched in from Port Said Rest Camp. – 2 Sections range shooting. – 7/654 Bass promoted to Sqdn S.M. & W.O. 2nd class to date 19-8-17.

8th.                   Inspection of Guns and Rifles by Staff Armourer Serg.

9th.                   Church Service.

10th.                 2 Sections Range shooting. – Lctr. to Off & NCO’s

11th.                 Half  Squadron Parade mounted. – sectional work for junior officers.
A.C. Hinman.  Capt.

(page 3)
12th.                 Half Squadron Parade mounted. – Tactical work – Commencement of Rifle Meeting. 

13th.                 Brigade Rifle Meeting finished.  Squadron obtained 3 second prizes.

14th.                 Preparation for Instruction by G.O.C. Desert Mounted Corps.

15th.                 Instruction of Squadron by G.O.C Desert Mounted Corps.

16th.                 Brigade Commander recorded the Gallant Conduct of 7/1050 Tpr Thomas V.H. M.G. Sqdn. for rescuing man who got into difficulties in the water on the 11th. inst.
                        6 O/R marched out to Port Said Rest Camp.

17th.                 Parchment Certificate for Meritorious and Efficient Service rendered during the War was awarded to 11/10 Lance Corp.  Bryce H.A. – 6 O/R returned from Port Said  Rest Camp. – 6 O/R returned from School  of Instr. 
                        Preparations for Move.  29 O/R marched in from Moascar

18th.                 Squadron marched out with Brigade at 0800 to new bivouac area at El Fukhari.

                                                                                                                                    (page 4)
19th                  Camp Routine.  Fixing up new camp.

20th.                 Inspection of Guns, Rifles and ammunition belts by Section Commanders.

21st.                 Gun mechanism Signalling & Range Firing.

22nd                 Standing Gun Drill Range Finding Signalling.
23rd.                 Marched out to School of Instruction  Capt Hinman Lieut Russell.

24th.                 Standing Gun Drill Range finding  Signalling. – Marched out to Port Said Rest Camp 6 Other Rank’s.

25th.                 Auckland and Canterbury sections range shooting (grouping practice) with sights.  Marched in from Port Said Rest Camp 6 other ranks.

26th                  Wellington 1 & 2 Sections carried out grouping practice with rifles.  Remainder of Squadron training in Signalling & Gun work.

27th.                 Carried out training Gun drill Range finding and Signalling.

28th.                 Inspection by C in C. in morning.  Horses inspected by Brig. Gen. Butler.

29th.                 Staff ride – Saddlery & harnesses cleaned and dubbined.

30th.                 Camp routine.
Signed A.Edridge Lieut.

                                                                                                                                    (page 5)
                   Squadron strength on 1st. September 1917  7Off.       216 O/R
                                                         30th. September 1917   8Off.      230 O/R

                                                O/R                             Off.
                        To Hospital      18
            To Dental Moascar       5
            Transferred                    6
            To Rest Camp            32                             1
                                                61                                1

From Hospital                      21
            Reinforcements       22
            From Rest Camp     32                               1
                                                75                                1
Signed A. Edridge  Lieut.


[NO DIARY FOR period OCTOBER 1917 to October 1918]