Auckland Mounted Rifles item number: 35/2/9

December 1915


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Dec. 1st.         McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

                        Quiet day. 162 Bde move to Taylors Hollow

                        13/2028 Tpr. A. Couldrey shot in wrist, 13/2204 Tpr. A.W. Howie shot in foot.


(Original of above written on same sheet as entries for end of previous month & filed with volume for that month.)


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Auckland Mounted Rifles



Dec 2nd.           McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

                          Quiet day men working on Regt. Diaries

13/1119 Tpr. Clark W. [William George] Shot in the stomach. [Transcribers Note: Gunshot wounds to chest severe – invalided NZ per HS Maheno 6th March 1916 – discharged 10th May 1916 Medically Unfit.]

13/1034 Tpr. Greenwood J. Shot in Stomach. [Transcribers note: Gascoyne Cecil Greenwood of the 5th Reinforcements Died of Wounds later this day.]

Dec 3rd.            McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

2/Lieut. Cobourne went to hospital sick from WATERFALL GULLY.

[Transcribers Note: Later, former Sergeant and finally with the rank of Captain, 13/39 Clarence Taylor Cobourne is Killed in Action with the Auckland Infantry Regiment at Le Cateau, France, 1st October 1918] 

Trenches being fitted with small ammunition boxes also a communication trench is being cut from Post No.14 to HAMMOND’S POST.  A patrol of 1 n.c.o. and 3 men leave BARRICADE in AGHYL DERE every night at 1800 and patrol country in the direction of HACKNEY WICK, returning at 0600.

13/194 Corp. A. Ross 3rd Squadron is buried half-way between 92Y6 and 92Z1.

Dec 4th.           McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

HACKNEY WICK patrols had nothing to report last night.  Heavy bombardment today to the S of Anzac position.  Gen[eral] Sir Russell visited our trenches.

Dec 5th.           McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

                        Heavy bombardment by 75’s at 1200 today from the direction of 80 u

13/2275 Tpr. Appelbe [Willian James] and 13/1019 Tpr. Deveney J.M. [John Michel] slightly wounded.

Dec 6th.           McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

                        Generals Birdwood Godly & Russell visited trenches.

Dec 7th.           McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

Quiet day. 54 Div recall all machine-guns on loan to the M.R. Brigade.  Turks reported to have removed barbed wire entanglements from front of Farm.

Dec 8th.           McCarroll’s Nest Anzac. 92Y5

Our trenches from Barricade running SE shelled at 1030 from NNE and again at 1500. Three men wounded 13/868 Tpr. Walker C.H. 13/2208 Tpr. Johnson C.B.[Charles Benjamin], 13/2293 [correction: number is 13/2093 Lionel Swift Webster] Tpr. Webster L.S.

R.Q.M.S. Callaghan W. returns from hospital.  Feet not quite better from Frost Bite.


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Auckland Mounted Rifles



Dec 9th.            McCarroll’s Nest 92Y5 Anzac

Our trenches shelled again today by 75mm, no casualties.  One of our aeroplanes reported missing.  Major C. Powles N.Z.S. C. temporally appointed Commanding C.M.R.

Dec 10th.          McCarroll’s Nest 92Y5 Anzac

                        Quiet day no casualties.

Dec 11th.          McCarroll’s Nest 92Y5 Anzac

HACKNEY WICK shelled by our guns. Tpr. 13/897 Daws C.L. identity disc handed into orderly room by a man who states he removed it from deceased body at HILL 60.  Tpr. Daws was reported missing 28.8.15

Dec 12th.          McCarroll’s Nest 92Y5 Anzac

                        Quiet day except for a little shrapnel at the BARRIER.

Divine Service was held.  Orders tonight to give our trenches to 16th Batt A.I.F.

Dec 13th           WILLIAM’S PIER ANZAC

The Regiment left Camp at 2000 tonight to embark to IMBROS.  Regiment received advance of pay.

Dec 14th           The Regiment less 4 Officers (Capt. Smith, Lieuts. Finlayson A.C.M., Coates & Hindman) and 104 other ranks embarked on PRINCESS ENA at 0500.  Arrived at Lemnos at noon and transhipped to H.M.T.S. Knight of the Garter.

                        2/lieut. Mannis is assistant adj.  Insufficient room on lighter last night to take all of the Regiment.

Dec 15th           H.M.T.S. KNIGHT OF THE GARTER Mudros.

                        Ship coaling and loading up with mules.

                        Transport Officer states that the remainder of our Regt. With Brigade details landed here this morning.


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Auckland Mounted Rifles



Dec 16th           H.M.T.S. KNIGHT OF THE GARTER Mudros.

                        Remainder of the Regiment not joined us yet.

                        The following Officers and men were recommended to Bde. Hqrs. For recognition for good services rendered on the Gallipoli Peninsular.

                        Lieut. J. Herrold 3rd Squadron, 13/290 Trooper Frank Norman Birnard 4th Squadron.

Dec 17th           MUDROS EAST LEMNOS

                        Disembarked from H.M.T.S. Knight of the Garter for Mudros East at 1830 arrived at the Camp 2030 and found that part of the Regiment which we had left at Anzac were here. N.Z. Infantry lent us tents for the night.


Dec 18th           MUDROS EAST LEMNOS

                        Pitched Camp.

Dec 19th           MUDROS EAST LEMNOS

                        Devine Service.  Portion of C.M.R. and W.M.R. arrived this morning.  Tonight the evacuation of Anzac will be completed.

Dec 20th           MUDROS EAST LEMNOS

                        The MR Brigade concentrated here today.

                        No casualties in the final evacuation of Anzac.  Lonesome Pine and The Neck were heavily shelled this morning.

Dec 21st          MUDROS EAST LEMNOS

                        Brigade concentrating.

Dec 22nd           H.M.T.S. HORORATA. MUDROS

                        The regiment embarked 16 Officers and 321 other ranks at 1200 this morning.

Dec 23rd           H.M.T.S. HORORATA. MUDROS

Dec 24th           H.M.T.S. HORORATA. At SEA.

                        Left Mudros at 0700 this morning.

                        Lieut. A.C.M. Finlayson appointed Temp. Capt. Vice Capt. Mahan dated 20/11/15

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Auckland Mounted Rifles



Dec 25th           H.M.T.S. HORORATA. At SEA.

                        Xmas Day.

Dec 26th           H.M.T.S. HORORATA. Alexandria

                        Arrived at Alexandria this morning.  5 A.M.R. officers proceeded to Helmich on first train leaving tonight.  4 Officers and 173 other ranks by second train.

Dec 27th           NZMR base Details Camp Zietoun.

                        The remainder of the Regiment arrived here today.  Total strength in Camp 16 Officers & 319 OR.

Dec 28th           NZMR CAMP ZIETOUN

                        All men returned from Anzac were put through a riding test, and those passing standard were picked to go away.

Dec 29th           Base Details 6-7-18 Reinforcements (taken?) over by Regiment from Revelle today.  Organising and equipping Squadrons.

Dec 30th           Reorganisation, and Troop Training.  Rations and horse feed being taken out

Dec 31st           All day Parade.  Horse feed & rations taken.


                        [signed:] L.Manners Lt


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