Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY

Transcription for
JUNE 1915

Transcribed by Steve Butler









Auckland Mounted Rifles
War Diary AWM4-35-2-3
End of May – June 1915

Transcribers note: all information written between straight brackets “[ ]” are either my comments and not part of the original document, or a guess at what was written as the original entry pencil handwriting is now very difficult to read.

30th May            Plugges Plateau.  Sunday, Fine. Quiet – 13/428 Lieut. F.J. WEIR and No. 13/765 L/Cpl M. Innes-Jones is wounded by spent bullet and Shrapnel respectively.
No. 13/426 Tpr. W.H. T. Parkes is also wounded by spent bullet. 13/662 Tpr. C. Basley is also wounded.  13/209 Tpr. A.D. McLeod wounded, also 13/381 Trp. L.W. Luxton.
[note: 13/426 Parkes written as Park, Walter Henry on Nominal Roll.]

31st May            Plugges Plateau.  The Regiment, having been out as Reserve to Force who were throughout the early hours of the morning engaged in extracting W.M.R. from a perilous position of 30th May wherein W.M.R. and C.M.R. have heavy casualties return to bivouac at 8.30 am.  Enemy shell our hill wounding 13/380 Tpr. F.M. Luxford, 13/591 Tpr. B. Lyons (dangerously) [note added later above:] (since dead) 13/649 Cpl W.E. Haughton. 13/326 Q.M. Sergeant W.J. Foster, 13/349 Sergt. F.B.M. Gibbison, 13/454 Cpl. W.J. Saxby, 13/446 Tpr. E.P.S. Sweetman.

1st June                        Plugges Plateau.  The Regiment remove to safer quarters under Walker’s Ridge. Still big road [portions?] found by Regiment.

2nd June.            Reserve Gully.  Still warm and Fine. 13/83 C.F. Jones wounded whilst on beach.  13/479 Tpr. J.W. Watson wound self-inflicted whilst cleaning revolver.  4 Officers and 200 men found for Road works.

3rd June.            Reserve Gully.  King’s Birthday.  Fine Warm. 4 Officers and 200 men found for Road work.  Return of Killed and Missing sent in to A.A.C. to date.  Capt. Mackesy leaves to undergo surgical operation.

4th June                        Reserve Gully.  The Regiment move at 11 am to take up trench positions again at Walker’s Ridge.  Squadrons very weak.  The Section of defence create heavy fire etc.

5th June.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine Warm.  Enemy shell our positions, No. 13/372 Trooper G.C. Jackson of 4th Squadron Dies of Wounds received from Shrapnel whilst at duty on Machine Gun in trenches on Walker’s Ridge.  13/195 Tpr. E. Inder 11th Squadron wounded.

(signed) F.A. Wood Capt. & Adjutant N.Z.S.C.
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Auckland Mounted Rifles 1915  WAR DIARY.

June 6th.            Sunday.  Walker’s Ridge.  Fine.  Warm. No. 13/412 Trooper C. Munn wounded in trench by burst of Shrapnel.  Enemy are very quiet.  Lieut. I.D. Ruddock reports sick and is sent on to Hospital ship having signs of diseased bone behind the ear.

June 7th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine and warm.  Quiet day.

June 8th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine hot weather.  Quiet day.  At 3.45 am whilst all were [at rest] a very fine meteor passed over the heavens from West to East.  It had the form of two balls of fire following immediately in rear of one another the tails of each being of considerable length, the rear ball touching the tail of the first.
No. 13/738 Tpr. John Smith wounded in trenches.

June 9th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine and warm, quiet day.  No. 13/425 Tpr. F. Pryor wounded in the trenches by a bomb. No. 13/360 Tpr. R. Harty wounded in trenches by a bomb.

June 10th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine and hot weather.  Quiet day our scouts have a brush with Turks.  Guns from Indian Mountain Battery and Torpedo boat assist in extracting them by splendid display of gunnery.

June 11th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine and hot. No. 13/678 Trooper William Archibald Corlesion is killed in fire trench at 2.35 am by a bullet of enemy whilst engaged in lookout work, and is buried 50 yards N.E. of Capt. Bluck’s grave 13/79 Trooper Richard Roland Jones is wounded in the shoulder by enemy’s bullet whilst observing.

June 12th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine day, hot.  Enemy do a fair amount of shelling without much damage 13/520 Trooper Neil Kenneth McLEOD is killed by enemy’s bullet whilst on lookout duty in the trenches on Walker’s Ridge about 1 am.  His body is interred beside that of Tpr. W.A. Corlieson i.e. 50 yards N.E. of the grave of Capt. Bluck. A.F.R. 231 forwarded to A.A.G. includes 12/6/15

(signed) F.A. Wood Capt. And Adjutant A.M.R.

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Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY 1915 [stamped 28 JUN 1915 number 3]

June 13th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine day and hot.  Enemy shell Ridge heavily – Sunday.

June 14th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine day and hot. Quiet day.  Lieutenant F.J. Weir reported as having died of wounds 2/6/15.  13/558 Tpr. Joseph Marshall reported died of wounds, H.M. T. Galika 29/5/15.
The following men were wounded by enemy gun fire 13/323 Tpr. [tom?] John Birdsall. 13/20 Tpr. W. Brady (slight) 13/48 Tpr. Henry Eisenhut, 13/214 Tpr. Edward Ernest Frost.  13/698 Tpr. Ruben Johnson, 13/131 Tpr. Thomas Stichbury.  13/54 Tpr. Alexander Glass.  Colonel Mackesy leaves for EGYPT.

June 15th.            Walker’s Ridge. Fine day and hot. Quiet day.  The following men were wounded by enemys shell fire: 13/45 L/Cpl W.A. Drinnan, 13/14 Tpr. M.A. Brooke, 13/91 Tpr. A.J. Matthews.
[note: 13/45 S.Sgt Maj Drinnan served as 7033 Boer War – died NZ 1944 aged 67]

June 16th.            Walker’s Ridge. Slight showers. 13/412 Tpr. C.J. Munn reported died of wounds.  13/270 L/Corpl John Thomas Jones N.Z.M.C. attached is wounded in leg by enemy shrapnel.

June 17th.            Walker’s Ridge. Fine warm day. The following men are wounded 13/331 Tpr. R.F. Fuller bullet wound to the head.  13/481 Tpr. H. Willoughby shrapnel wound severe.  Cpl 13/204 P. Fulton.  13/173 Tpr. C.W. Treweek .
Killed. – 13/356 Tpr. W. Haddock.  Shrapnel.
 Joined having come as stowaway with A.L.H. (6th) 13/497 Trooper R.H. Hollis.
[note of humour, Trooper Richard Herbert Hollis gives his home address as Cape Runaway, NZ]

June 18th.            Walker’s Ridge.  Fine day and warm.  Centenary of “Waterloo”  The Regiment is relieved from trenches on Walker’s Ridge at 2 pm. And bivouacs in Reserve Gully by Beach.  13/495 L/Corpl L.H. Ford is wounded on Walker’s Ridge.

June 19th.            Reserve Gully.  Fine and warm.  13/84 L/Corpl O.A. Sutton   is wounded by unaimed rifle bullet whilst bathing.
(signed) F.A. Wood Captain and Adjutant A.M.R.
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Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY 1915.

June 20th.            Reserve Gully Gallipoli.  Sunday.  Regiments find 146 men for sapping.  Enemy’s guns shell our dugouts, but no casualties are obtained.  The men posted on hill top with alarm whistle giving men warning to take cover.

June 21st.            Reserve Gully.  Fine and hot.  Practice in Bomb Throwing.  Shelling of our dugouts continues.

June 22nd.            Reserve Gully Gallipoli Peninsular.  Fine and hot.  Enemy continues to shell dugouts, but give us no casualties.

June 23rd.            Reserve Gully Gallipoli Peninsular.  Fine and hot.  Major A. Tatterstall who had been acting as C.O. to the Regiment since Colonel Mackesy’s departure for Egypt, is taken ill with dysentery and is removed to Hospital.  No. 13/347 Tpr. D.P. Goodwin 4th is wounded by shrapnel whilst engaged in sapping on Walker’s Ridge.

June 24th.            Reserve Gully.  Gallipoli Peninsular.  Hot day.  Shelling of our dugouts continue.

June 25th.            Reserve Gully.  Gallipoli Peninsular.  Major F. Chapman arrives from Egypt and assumes command.  13/285 Tprs. M. Abbott and 13/342 R. Garlick join from Egypt.

June 26th.            Gallipoli Peninsular.  Hot day.  No. 13/470 Trooper Arthur Pennier is killed by shrapnel whilst on water duties.  Trooper Arthur Verner 4th Squadron is killed by enemy’s shrapnel whilst employed on water duties.

(signed) F.A. Wood Capt and Adjutant.
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Auckland Mounted Rifles 1915 WAR DIARY.

June 27th.            Gallipoli Peninsular.  Sunday. Regt acts as inlying picquet.  At 5 am. Turks heavily shell our trenches and heavy rifle fire ensues.  The following men were wounded whilst sapping and machine gun work on Walker’s Top.  No. 13/371 Tpr. Owen S. Jones 4th Squadron.  13/224 Tpr. Angus Roderick Dunning 3rd Squadron.  13/19 Tpr. Kenneth Bishop 3rd Squadron.  13/556 Tpr. Samuel Fletcher 3rd Squadron.  13/753 Trooper James Wrenn 4th Squadron.

June 28th            Gallipoli Peninsular.  Much activity amongst our Forces.  Very hot day.  Germen aeroplane flies over camp.

June 29th.            Gallipoli Peninsular.  Very hot day. Quiet day.  Turks attack number 4 section defence trenches at midnight but are repulsed.  Shells intended for our trenches come over amongst our dugouts.  13/707 Tpr. George Lloyd receives slight shrapnel wound in head.  300 Turks casualties.

June 30th.            Gallipoli Peninsular.  Warm day.  Cool breeze.  At 9 pm. Our Reinforcements commence disembarking.  Lieutenant Brookfield, 34 for 3rd, 43 for 4th, 30 for 11th.  Total 1 Officer 107 other ranks.  Enemy shell beach.  Heavy Thunderstorm commences at 10 pm. Choppy seas [much turmoil].

July 1st.             Gallipoli Peninsular.  Cool Breeze Bright day.  Rum issue to troops approved this night.  No. 13/69 Trooper Arthur Hannah 3rd Squadron is killed by enemy’s shell fire whilst drawing water at No.5 depot and is buried in recognised cemetery North Beach ANZAC.  13/285 Tpr. M. Abbottt 4th is wounded in shoulder. And No. 13/234 Trooper F. Stewart is wounded in arm and chest by enemy’s shell fire while on duty at Reserve Gully.  Word received that Major McCarroll will be away over two months.  13/652 Tpr. Richard John Cottingham 3rd. Squadron is wounded at No.2 outpost while on Bde [Se***ting] duties in the trenches and dies of wound.  Buried No.2 outpost.

July 2nd.            Gallipoli Peninsular.  The Regiment takes trench duty on Walker’s Top.

July 3rd.                        Gallipoli Peninsular.  Wet morning.

(signed) F.A. Wood Capt. And Adjutant.
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