Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY

PARTIAL Transcription for
MAY 1915

Transcribed by Gordon Sylvester August 2011









Auckland Mounted Rifles
War Dairies  May 1915

Dairy commenced on May 1st and recorded training and parades I have limited the record so as to give a word picture as recorded by Captain  Harwood.
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8th May  Camp Zeitoun
The Regiment is under orders to entrain at Helmuk 26 Officers 487 Other Ranks and 71 horses,
The Regiment less Lt. James, Sgt Mahood and 39 Troopers are to embark on the transport  GLENTULLY CASTLE.  The remainder plus 71 horses embark on KINGSTONIAN
                                                                                                                        Harwood  Capt & Adjt.
                                                                                                Page 3

May 9th  On “GLENTULLY CASTLE”  Sunday   Leave Alexandria at 7pm.  3rd Regiment Australian Light Horse embark on same ship.  4 Stowaways returned to Zeitoun

May 10th  At Sea  Muster Parade.  Cpl Grant found to have come aboard without authority.

May 11th  At Sea  Calm passage.  Ship on slow steam.  Tobacco and Cigarettes to the value of £5.10. purchased for men out of Regimental funds.

May 12th Arrive at Dardanelles’ drop anchor at 4.20am and weigh anchor at 4pm.  Arrive at FISHERMANS HUT AT 7pm and disembark on Torpedo boat “COLNE”,
J Taylor wounded in landing.  The Regiment settles down in bush for the night.

May 13th  FISHERMANS HUT Awakened at 4.30am by heavy gun and rifle fire.  The Regiment relieve Royal Marine Light Infantry in the trenches near WALKERS RIDGE and spend a wild night the Turks firing at a terrific rate all night.
“KINGSTONIAN” arrives  Lt. James and troopers Birnie, Hercus, Fitzwilliams, A. H. Robertson, J. Jones, O. Reddle?, J. Mildon, H. Spurr, C(stowaway) the horses & other men unable to land.  Landing completed at 11.30pm

May 14th  WALKERS RIDGE  Sergt. Hinman wounded in nose and cheek.  Very hot weather.  Trooper  Millar shot through leg whilst on scout work at night.

May 15th  WALKERS RIDGE  Very hot.  11th get two snipers.
                                                                                                Harwood  Capt & Adjt.

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May 16th  WALKERS RIDGE  Sunday

May 17th   Turks actively engaged in sniping


30th May            Plugges Plateau.  Sunday, Fine. Quiet – 13/428 Lieut. F.J. WEIR and No. 13/765 L/Cpl M. Innes-Jones is wounded by spent bullet and Shrapnel respectively.
No. 13/426 Tpr. W.H. T. Parkes is also wounded by spent bullet. 13/662 Tpr. C. Basley is also wounded.  13/209 Tpr. A.D. McLeod wounded, also 13/381 Trp. L.W. Luxton.
[note: 13/426 Parkes written as Park, Walter Henry on Nominal Roll.]

31st May            Plugges Plateau.  The Regiment, having been out as Reserve to Force who were throughout the early hours of the morning engaged in extracting W.M.R. from a perilous position of 30th May wherein W.M.R. and C.M.R. have heavy casualties return to bivouac at 8.30 am.  Enemy shell our hill wounding 13/380 Tpr. F.M. Luxford, 13/591 Tpr. B. Lyons (dangerously) [note added later above:] (since dead) 13/649 Cpl W.E. Haughton. 13/326 Q.M. Sergeant W.J. Foster, 13/349 Sergt. F.B.M. Gibbison, 13/454 Cpl. W.J. Saxby, 13/446 Tpr. E.P.S. Sweetman.