Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY

Partial Transcription for
October 1917

Transcribed by Steve Butler









Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY – in PART for October 1917.

23/10/17            The remainder of blankets and bivvies not required for the coming operation were [sic] carter to Dump at GAMLI.
N.Z.M.R. Brigade BM/21 of even date reference move to ESANI received at 1230.  Order No 50 by Lieut-Colonel McCARROLL, reference move to ESANI at 2015. (attached).

Signed W. HAEATA Captain.  Adjudant.
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           The Regiment prepared to move to new bivouac area, and at 1750 (less 4th Sqdn) moved out with the Brigade to ESANI.  1 Troop (Lieut W.H. JOHNS) 11th Sqdn, acted as Right Flank Guard to the Brigade, and 1 Troop (2/Lieut C. G. R. JACKSON) as left Flank Guard.  The route traversed was between UM AJUA and EL JEZARIYE.  ESANI was reached at 0015, and the Regiment bivouacked on North side of Point 750 – 1 mile North of the last L  in ABULRIGAL.  At 1600 4th Sqdn (Major D. MUNRO) moved out to take up Outpost Line at KHOR EL AJRAM and RASHID BEK.  The line was established at 0500 of 25/19/17.
Captain F.M. TWISTLETON marched in from Hqrs CAIRO and is Temp attached to Regtl Hqrs.

25/10/17            The Regiment rested in bivouac all morning and at 1200 1 Troop 3rd Sqdn (Lieut J.D. STEWART) relieved troop 4th Sqdn at Point 680 KHOR EL AJRAM, and 1 Troop (2/Lieut R.C. CHAPMAN) relieved troop on ABU YAHIA road about 2 miles N.Z. of RASHID BEK.