Auckland Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY

PARTIAL Transcription below covering 3 days only

September 1918









SUWEILEH            24/9/18             The Regt. stood to at 0500.  At 0830 the Regt. Moved out via ES SALT-AMMAN Road and at 1200 occupied the Circassian village of SUWEILEH without opposition, 7 Turk P of W captured at SUWEILEH.  At 1800 a demolition party of 3 Officers and 100 O/Rs under the command of Major J.H. Herrold was sent out to cut the HEDJAH Railway line EAST of AMMAN.  This party succeeded in removing a complete set of Rails in SQ.142.V.36.c., and returned to SUWEILEH at 0530.  The following Officer was evacuated to Hospital:- 2/Lieut J.T. Hatten.

(later in the WAR DIARY the Adjutant, Captain W.W. Averill reports:-)

AMMAN            28/9/18             The Regiment remained in bivouac.  The following were recommended for immediate reward for operation from 21/9/18 to 25/9/18.  Inclusive:-  Capt. A.C. Finlayson, Major J.H. Herrold. 2/Lt H.A. Collins, 13/446 Cpl (T/Sgt) Sweetman K.P.S., 13/904 Cpl Foote E., 13/164 L/Cpl (T/Cpl) Buckland A.F., 24941 Tpr. Tompkins W.E.
The following Officer was evacuated to Hospital (from Detach B.H.Q.) Major H.C. Hemphill

AMMAN            29/9/18             At 1000 a patrol of 1 Officer & 4 O/Rs was sent NORTH up the Railway to report on the effect of the demolition.  They returned at 1400 and reported four trucks derailed.  At 1530 the Regiment moved out as advance guard to the Brigade and marched to KISSAR Station. 142.J.13.a.  At 1800 the 11th Sqdn, were sent out and formed an outpost line surrounding the Station to the SOUTH.  The remainder of the Regt. Bivouacked just SOUTH of the Station.
Ref Map 1:63:360