Headquarters WAR DIARY

PARTIAL Transcription below

August 27th 1915









WAR DIARY Headquaters Gallipoli 27th August 1915 - KAIAJIK AGHALA.
[An attack on Hill 60 begins - the Wellington Mounted Rifles section of the diary transcript of this date begins 16.00 - transcript for this article begins here from 17.05 Hours]

At 17.05 the first line Canterbury and Auckland Regiments carried the first line of Tukish trenches and were busy bayonetting the Turks, when men of the Wellington Regiment, came up, and cleared the trenches.
At this stage, it was found that a v[ery] hot fire was being bought to bear on our right flank. 30 men were sent out to the right flank and cleared [the] trench where fire was coming from.

An advance was made agst.[against] second line of Turkish trenches, & they were carried by 17.55.

As the Conn.R. [Connaught Rangers] on the left flank had failed to hold the trenches there, it was found impossible to advance further along Hill 60, owing to the Tuks pushing in on the left.
It was decided to hold the 2nd line of captured trenches & arrangements were made immediately to put the trench in a state to repel counter-attacks. Capt. Logan W.M.R., took charge of men in the forward trench, and with 40 men held the trench until 10 p.m. when he was reinforced by 50 men of the 18th Inf. Batt. (Aust).

Our casualties were very heavy [W.M.R.], but all captured trenches were held, and posn. consolidated during the night.

strenght 15 & 284 casualties (detail) 1 & 16 Killed [1 officer and 16 men Killed]
Cas. 7 & 102 . 6 & 34 Wounded
. ------------------ . 32 Missing
. 8 & 182 . 7 & 102