Wellington Mounted Rifles WAR DIARY

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14th November 1917









War Diary

Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment
Summary of events and information.

Remarks and references: Palestine 1/63360 sheet 16

November 14th 1917
At 0815 the Regiment moved N.E. along the road towards YEBNA with the Brigade and at 0915 crossed the bridge in Square W. 16 B. and moved independently N.W. down the WADI EL TANHANAT and watered the horses in the WADI about Square V21 C & D, the 9th Squadron (Major Wilder) holding the ground to the N.N.E., of the WADI while the remainder of the Regiment entered.  At 1115 the Regiment less 2nd and 9th Squadrons joined the Brigade at EL KUBEIBEH.  At 1125 the 6th Squadron (Major Sommerville) moved to the North of KUBEIBEH. And moved along the left of an orange grove in support of C.M.R. coming under heavy Machine Gun and rifle fire.
(Sgd) E. MacIntyre, Captain
Adjudant W.M.R., Regiment.

About 1200 the 2nd and 9th Squadrons rejoined the Regiment.
At 1330 the 9th Squadron advanced against position in V 13 a coming under heavy Machine Gun and rifle fire.  The position was rushed with bayonet and the hill cleared, the enemy retiring leaving about 20 dead and two Machine Guns (including a British Lewis) Gun in our possession.  The 9th Squadron pushed forward on to the next ridge about 1200 yards to the NORTH where they were held up by Machine Gun and rifle fire.
At 1330 the 2nd Squadron (Captain Herrick) and 2 M.G. took up a position in old enemy trenches in Square V 13 and from which oblique fire could be bought to bear on the enemy pressing on the left of 9th Squadron and A.M.R., right.
At 1330 an order was received from Brigade to support A.M.R. on the left who were being heavily counter attacked so at 1400 the 2nd Squadron (Captain Herrick) galloped forward and rushed the hill on the left of the 9th Squadron held by M.G. and enemy riflemen, rushed and cleared the position, capturing a M.G., and killing a number of retreating enemy.
From here enfilade fire was bought to bear on the enemy attacking A.M.R., who were forced to retire after suffering heavy casualties.
At 1600 the 6th Squadron charged the position in front of them.
(Sgd) E. MacIntyre, Captain,
Adjudant, W.M.R., Regiment

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14th … clearing it, and capturing more M.G., and inflicting heavy casualties amongst the enemy.
With the advance of the 9th Squadron pushed forward slightly to the right.  At dusk the firing ceased and the line prepared to hold on for the night.  Rifle pits were constructed and listening posts put out and touch gained with C.M.R. on the right and A.M.R. on the left – see next page.

15th  0400 the Regiment stood to arms and the line reported all clear.  At 0600 in full daylight there was no sign of the enemy in front who had retired during the night.  This was confirmed later by C.M.R., who sent out patrols to the village NORTH of KUBEIBEH and to point 240 who reported all clear.
Our casualties, Captain Herrick, and 10 men killed.  Lieutenant Baigent and 38 O/ranks wounded.  Lieutenant W.R. Foley, Lieutenant E.R. Black, and 2 O/ranks wounded and remained on duty.  Captures, 5 M.Gs., and 2 British Lewis Guns and innumerable rifles and ammunition.  Prisoners 2 Officers (one wounded) and 7 O/ranks while about 25 wounded Turks were evacuated.
Enemy casualties :- 150 Turkish dead were left lying on the position.

(Sgd) E. MacIntyre, Captain
Adjudant, W.M.R. Regiment.

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The 9th Squadron under Major A.S. Wilder M.C.. gallantly stormed the position on V at the point of the bayonet capturing one M.G. and one Lewis Gun and killing a large number of the enemy.  From this position the Squadron pressed on to a ridge about 1200 yards to the NORTH where it was held up by heavy fire but on the 2nd Squadron taking the ridge on its left at 1600 the Squadron rushed the position with the bayonet routing the enemy and capturing more Machine Guns.  The following officers and other ranks did good work during this action.
Major A.C. Wilder M.C.
Lieutenant W.R. Foley
11/1257 L/Corporal L. Woodward.
11/973 Corps A.H. Barwick
11/1255 Corps B. Draper

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When a strong force of the enemy were counter attacking our lines (Lieutenant, Temp Captain) A.D. Herrick gallantly galloped at the head of the 2nd Squadron under heavy M.G. and rifle fire to a position 200 yards of the enemy holding the ridge on the left of 9th Squadron.  From here the enemy position was rushed, capturing a Machine Gun that was inflicting heavy casualties amongst our troops and from this position was able to enfilade a force of the enemy who were working round the flank this forcing three other enemy M.G.’s to retire that were inflicting heavy casualties on the Auckland Regiment, and on our own 9th Squadron.  He was twice wounded after taking up his position but continued to direct the fire and movements of his men until he received a fatal wound.
Throughout he displayed great leadership, initiative and most daring and his magnificent example was a great stimulant to all the men under him.
On Captain Herrick being killed Lieutenant C.J. Pierce took over command of the 2nd Squadron and handled his men very ably and efficiently and did gallant service.  The following also did good work during this action.
2/Lieutenant W.J. Hollis
11/768 Corporal L. Gledhill
11/1457 Corporal H.A. Martin
11/1487 Trooper A.F. Perrott
10/3619 Trooper C.R. Kelland

[Transcribers note: end of WMR reports for 14th November 1917 – Brigade moves next day towards Jaffa.
Transcribed from originals, file references 4-35-5-29part one - by Steve Butler June 2010. ]