6th Manawatu Squadron
Wellington Mounted
Rifles Regiment

Copied From the Australian War Museum scanned PDF File AWM 35/5/9
New Zealand Mounted Rifles.  War Dairy for W.M.R. MARCH 1916
Transcribed to text by Gordon Sylvester NZMRA - August 2011
Transcribers notes: entries of question marks (??) are undecipered

AWM 35/5/10
War Diaries WMR
                                    WELLINGTON MOUNTED RIFLES
                                             NZ  &  A DIVISION

                                                                                                         RAIL HEAD
                                                                                                         FERRY POST
APRIL                                                                            (page  2)
            1ST TO 3RD
   Carried on with patrols in front of TRENCHES, handing over the work to the
 AUSTRALIANS on afternoon ending 3-4-16

1st        Two men to SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION, one for NCO’s, the other for M.G.’s class

2nd       Orders were received to move to SERAPEUM and join up with the remainder of BRIGADE on
              4.4.16.  All HEAVY BAGGAGE, TENTS etc to leave at 12 noon on 3.4.16.
              HOSPITAL-   Capt OLDHAM  P

3rd        HEAVY BAGGAGE etc  moved out at 12 noon  as ordered.  One Troop per SQD on Camel Transport went as Escort.

4th            Remainder of REGIMENT moved to SERAPEUM leaving at 0800 arriving 12 noon.
               CAMEL TRANSPORT was supplied for baggage and left at 0715.  One NCO and 8 men per Sqd under Lieut NORTH accompanied it as ESCORT.  Found the CAMP partly pitched by Advance Party.  Afternoon spent in preparing CAMP.

5th        Orders for moving 6:4:16 to SAHLIA.  All baggage unable to be carried on HORSES sent by TRAIN. Camels not available.  Lieut Jones & 1 troop left as a rear party to load trucks and clean up huts.
1 NCO + 6 men left as GUARD to accompany BAGGAGE with TRAIN.
BLANKETS OIL SHEETS carried on horse.

6th        Moved out 1000 and arrived MOASCAR, some ten miles, at 1300. Bivuoaced here for the Night...


                                                                                                (page 3)
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            APRIL 7th             ... Moved out from MOASCAR Bivouac at 0410 arriving SALHIA 1100 a distance of some 21 Miles.  BREAKFAST at 0900 on road.  TENTS arrived late in afternoon by train, and were nearly all pitched the same evening.

8th                Arranging Camp.

9th                Arranging Camp.

10th            Cleaning of all gear.
               TRAINING SYALLBUS made up for week ending 14:4:16.  This SYALLBUS provided for MUSKETRY, RAPID LOADING, BAYONET FIGHTING & RIFLE EXERCISES for dismounted Work and MOUNTED TRAINING was carried on under SQUADRON ARRANGEMENTS in the afternoon.    NO BUTTS available so MUSKETRY could not be gone with.

11th      The following OFFICERS were attached to the TRAINING REGIMENT
                                                            Major SAMUEL  A.M.  CO REGIMENT
                                                            Captain OLDHAM  P            Adjuant
                                                             Lieut JANSON  W.M.     Squadron
                                                            2nd Lieut  BIRD  R.J.        “
                                                            2nd Lieut  FOLEY  W.R.            “
                                                            Nine NCO’s also went to TRAINING REGIMENT
12th       OFFICERS and NCO’s appointed to positions in TRAINING REGIMENT marched out & proceeded  by train to MOASCAR.

14th      Two men per Squadron attached to SIGNALLERS for TRAINING. Two men per Squadron to M G OFFICER for Training.
1 man per Sqd detached for MG Training  17 & 16.

                                                                                                                        (Page 4)
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April 14th                  ... and overhauling PERSONAL EQUIPMENT

16th            Inspection by Maj Gen CHAUVELL
                                                                           C.B? C.M.G.
Inspection made very difficult owing to SANDSTORM

17th to 27th TRAINING SYALLBUS drawn up for week ending 22:4:16 Constituting PHYSICAL DRILL
SQUADRON and TROOP TRAINING was carried out for a short time each day.
One day REGIMENTAL (TRAINING) PARADE was held to ensure that proper
Formation had being adopted for MOVING in ENEMY COUNTRY.
Instruction for OFFICERS in night marching was also carried out on several nights in the week.   Special attention was paid to FIRE ACTION + RECONNANISE throughout the week.

22nd           The following promotion were approved
Lieut JANSON W. to be Capt            6/4/16
2nd Lieut von T KETTLE  F. Lieutenant  1/4/16
   NORTH  P.J.           1/4/16
   BIRD  R.J.           1/4/16
   CHAPMAN  R.F.     1/4/16
   BEETHAM           1/4/16
   COLEMAN           1/4/16
    Capt HULBERT  N.Z. ENGINEERS transferred to Wgtn MOUNTED RIFLES and seconded as STAFF CAPTAIN N.Z.M.R. BDE dated 8th March 1916

23rd      Three hours notice to move out to KANTARA.  Dress FULL SERVICE MARCHING ORDER.  All baggage to be stacked at R.D.M.E. STORE TENT.  Tents left standing.
Lieut GRANT + 10 other ranks left as rear party and to find GUARDS.

                                                                                                            (page 5)
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APRIL 23rd            REGIMENT Paraded at 2000 ready to move out, moved out at 2020 moving
 almost due EAST.
MAJOR SPRAGG to HOSPITAL before we left.

24th            Stopped one hour for BREAKFAST in KANTARA at 0730, moving off again at 0830 arriving at destination  HILL 70 1000.
HILL 70                 BAGGAGE arrived late in the evening.  But not the TENTS

25th            Preparing LINES
Beginning of Patrolling
One Troop and Two Officers in morning + same relief in afternoon.  Our turn came on alternate days.  Morning Patrol to to leave at 0700 and arrive back at between 1200 + 1300.
                        Afternoon PATROL to leave 1400 returning at 1800.  Report sent into BRIGADE on return.
Each relief split up into two PATROLS of equal strength under control of an OFFICER.  One going NORTH the other SOUTH.

               On this particular day patrols were not sent out as above, but as follows.
27th             GENERAL CHAYTOR with 2nd SQUADRON + 1 troop of 40 from 6th SQUADRON and the REGIMENTAL SIGNALLERS moved out from HILL 70 at 0400 along the BIR EL DUBAR Road to DUEIDAR.  The COLUMN halted shortly after passing through DUEIDAR remaining for some 15 minutes to water horses.  After watering another move was made halting a gain about  two miles SOUTHEAST of DUEIDAR.
Here the BRIGADIER with troops of 2nd SQUADRON proceeded to find some wells.  After moving to a point some five miles EAST of DUEIDAR, the COLUMN changed its direction NORTH and proceeded to a point five miles (...cont)

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            APRIL 27th                                                                                                                              (page 6)
further on in that direction arriving there at 1000.  From here they moved in a SOUTH WESTERLY direction arriving  EL DUEIDAR at 1145, fed & watered horses, stopping until 1300 for lunch, arriving back in camp 1430.
Several WELLS were found with good water in, also a plentiful supply of good water was found in low lying ground by digging down some eighteen inches.
The remainder of Col Column two troops under Lieut Lyons the other under Lieut MARCHANT moved in a SOUTHERLY direction. Lieut Lyons taking about a mile of frontage and keeping HILL 383 on his RIGHT with orders to concentrate on that point when having reached a point directly opposite.
Lieut MARCHANT had orders to take the same amount of FRONTAGE but to keep on Lieut LYONS left + proceed about two miles SOUTH of HILL 383 + return to this point.
Both PATROLS had orders to gather in all BEDOUINS + their flocks + report on any WELLS they could locate, also anything else of importance. 
No BEDOUINS found.  Three wells found by patrol on left containing 10 to 18 inches of slightly brackish water, direction 2 miles south of point 383 KATIB ABUASAB .  Patrolled 1 ½ miles East 383, no wells, no Bedouins.
Both patrols made a sweeping movement back to camp from KATIA ABU ASAB arriving in camp 1500.  Nothing to report.

29th                    Marched in 2nd Lieut HERRICK AD from Training Regiment.
30th                  Lieut HOLLAND and four men per SQD appointed Regimental PIONEERS for  WELL CONSTRUCTION.

STRENGTH ( End of Month)
Officers   26
O/R  501
H 641
550 Riding
6  Pack
59  Draught
26  Mules
641  Total

Wm Meldrum
Lt. Col