9th Squadron
Wellington Mounted
Rifles Regiment

Copied From the Australian War Museum scanned PDF File AWM 35/5/9
New Zealand Mounted Rifles.  War Dairy for W.M.R. MARCH 1916
Transcribed to text by Gordon Sylvester NZMRA - August 2011
Transcribers notes: entries of question marks (??) are undecipered

AWM 35/5/9
War Diaries WMR
Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment
NZ  &  A Division
EGYPT                                                              SERAPEUM CAMP

                                                                                    Page  2.

March 1st  -  4th
Training was carried on as for week ending 29. 2. 16 based on Chapter XI Y & MRT (Tactical actions of Mounted Rifles, special attention being paid to para’s 108 +151?





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Horses   Riding 557  Draughts 60   Pack 6   Mules  10   Total  633

3rd  Lieut  Marchant & 3 NCO’s proceeded to SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION at ZEITOUN

4th                ON 4th March Orders came to move to RAIL HEAD FERRY POST the following Day

5th Detailed orders came 0830 that we were to move out at 1220. 
Camel transport at the rate of sixty for the Regiment accompanied us.  All tents had to be
 struck + stacked + buildings pulled down + CAMP cleaned generally before moving out.
1, NCO & 3 MEN remained behind to guard KIT + other material left at  BOE DUMP. 
Also 1 NCO & 3 MEN remained behind to look after horses left to bring on men in place of those sent to BASE Details
            After crossing PONTOON over CANAL  BDE  marched on a bearing of 250 reaching Rail Head at 1600, some three miles from trenches.
RAIL HEAD FERRY POST   Bivouaced here for the night.  Camels arrived at 1800.
            Auckland Mounted Rifles moved out to FRONT LINE TRENCHES, relieving A. I. F. On the
 left FLANK of the SECTOR.

Continues from page 32 for month ending March 31st                                  Page 3.

March 6th                 Prepared  lines and found FATIGUES
7th               Canterbury Mounted Rifles moved out to FRONT LINE of TRENCHES relieving A. I. F. on RIGHT FLANK of SECTOR, joining up with AUCKLAND in the Centre.
7th to 31st.            WELLINGTON MTD RIFLES left in RESERVE and supplied all FATIGUES at Supply Depôt etc.  Also Camel Escort of 1 CPL and 6 men to proceed to FRONTLINE of TRENCHES.

8th to 31st                  Another Guard of 1 Sergt, 1 Cpl and 12 men  Supply Depôt.
                        The following OFFICERS were transferred
                                             Temp Captain Davis  2nd Sqdn to AUCKLAND INF BN.
                                                         Lieut Grainger 9th     Ditto
                                                   2nd Lieut Hislop 6th   Wgtn INF BN
                                                   2nd Lieut Williams   NZ PIONEER BN

9th          Lt-Colonel Meldrum returned from Hospital.

10th          Further CAMEL ESCORT of  1 NCO + 12 men to take Camels out to Squadrons at frontline and bring them back again
Also 2 sections for  patrolling pipe line towards INFANTRY CAMP & the other for patrolling RAIL LINE from  RAIL HEAD TO FERRY POST.
Lieut M A Harding appointed temp command of 2nd Sqdn vice temp Capt DAVIS transferred to Infantry.

11th          Maj Whyte relinquishes temp command of REGIMENT & resumes his appointment as second in command dated 9/3/16
            Marched in   2nd Lieut   COLMAN  W L
                                                          NORTH  P J
                                                          FOSSETT  E S

Continued from page 33                                                Page 4
          Marched in  11/2000  Capt.  OLDHAM  P
                                                    2nd Lieut WILLIAMS  E G returned from PIONEERS

13th      2nd Lieut  GRANT  N G promoted 1st Lieut dated 11/3/16
                              One squadron to proceed to TRENCHES every day  Two troops moving out at 0800,
one to CANTERBURY and one to AUCKLAND.  Relieving two troops leaving CAMP at 1115.  Work consisted chiefly of clearing out TRENCHES filled with sand.
16th       Lieut Levien & troop of 20 men to hold themselves in readiness to move out
with MARKET.
SIGNALLING Officer with 12 men accompanied  Lieut Levien in order to keep up communications with REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS.
The MARKET was held about five but in front of trenches & carried on in conjunction with INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT who sent an EGYPTIAN OFFICER SAGHAKLE EFFENDI to carry on the MARKET on their behalf.
O/C Troop had orders that he was responsible that all arrangements possible were made safety of MARKET, and that all restrictions laid down were strictly adhered to by the Arabs.
This market was held every FRIDAY until we left RAILHEAD Lieut Levien being in charge on each occasion.  There was never any trouble of any kind.  Continuous communications was kept with REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS
                              The average attendance of NATIVES
                                             48 Men
                                             12 Women
                                     3 Children
19th       Lieut A. S.  WILDER appointed temp Adjutant vice Capt LOGAN  R  NZSC dated 2/3 /16

Continued from page 34                                                Page 5

19th cont.              Captain J. ARMSTRONG to be Major vice  Major N. F. HASTINGS died of wounds
                        dated 13/3/16. Lieut A. F. BATCHELAR to be Capt. Vice.
Capt.  G D HAMILTON transferred to Pioneer Bn 2/3/16
Lieut. A S WILDER to be Capt vice Capt. J. H. CHISHOLM trans. Wellington Inf. Regt. Dated 2/3/16 
Lieut.  J D SCOTT to be Capt. Vice Capt. E. Clifton trans. PIONEER Bn. Dated 2/3/16

            cheered him on his way back .

21st        2nd Lieut TINGEY seconded from strength of REGIMENT and posted to MACHINE GUN CORPS

25th       2nd Lieut MacINTYRE invalided to New Zealand and struck off strength of REGIMENT

26th       2nd Lieut BIRD R J marched in from school of Instruction

28th       New SYLLABUS of TRAINING drawn up
               It required for MUSKETRY Course to be fired, a SQUADRON firing GALLOPING + APPLICATION
 at 100 yards in turn.  Remainder of COURSE had to be abandoned owing to REGIMENT
having to relieve CANTERBURY + AUCKLAND, PATROLS out in front of TRENCHES  BAYONET
 FIGHTING carried on, when fatigues not too numerous, by remainder of REGIMENT.
                                    SQUADRON for TRENCH FATIGUE cancelled

31st             Relieved AUCKLAND MTD RIFLES and CANTERBURY MTD RIFLES of Mounted Patrols out in
            front of TRENCHES
               2nd SQUADRON took over from CANTERBURY on left + 9th SQUADRON from AUCKLAND on
            right.  These two SQUADRONS also posted OUTPOSTS AT NIGHT.





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Horses     562 Riding   60 Draughts    6 Pack   Mules  26   Total  654
Signed  W. Meldrum
Lieut. Col  CMD  WMR