2nd Squadron
Wellington Mounted
Rifles Regiment

Copied From the Australian War Museum scanned PDF File AWM 35/5/16
New Zealand Mounted Rifles.  War Dairy for W.M.R. OCTOBER 1916
Transcribed to text by Gordon Sylvester NZMRA - September 2011
Transcribers notes: entries of question marks (??) are undecipered

War Diaries  WMR
Pagination starts with cover page as No. 1 in each file

Wellington Mounted Rifles
October 191

(page 2)

OCT. 1st.                     Arrived at SWING BRIDGE CAMP 2030 and found CAMP already pitched and breakfast ready for all RANKS.

                                                Officers                                  Other Ranks.
                                                   26                                                 482
                                    Horses   Riding 437
                                                  Pack                    9       469  total
                                                  Draught              23

                        (The original of above appears on the same sheet as entries for previous month and will be found with the diary for that month.)

                                                                                                                                    (page 3)


Oct 1st.             Lieut. FOSSETT and four Other Ranks proceeded ZEITOUN SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION to undergo instruction for Machine Gun.
Six Other Ranks proceeded for Lewis Gun Course
Two NCO’s for NCO’s Course
All proceeded by 0530 train from KANTARA

3rd.                   Marched in from Training Regt 2nd. Lieut. HOLLAND A. And Twenty two Other Ranks.

5th.                   Marched in from Training Regt fifteen Other Ranks

7th.                   Maj. BATCHELAR A.F. and Capt. SCOTT J. O. Proceeded to Cavalry  School of Instruction ZEITOUN.

8th.                  Sixty one remounts arrived
                        At about 1815 that Regiment to join up with BDE at EL MALER

9th.                  Remounts issued out at 1000
                        Began striking tents at 0515 (nearly?) all Baggage to go by train to ROMANI Rail  head ready by 1200 and transported on Waggons to KANTARA EAST.

                                                                                                                        (page 4)

                        Regiment moved out from SWING BRIDGE CAMP at KANTARA WEST at 1600. Arrived at Hill 70 just before 1900.  Watered and Fed up here and had tea.  Left again at 2045 for DUEIDAR arriving 2230 and bivouaced for the night.

10th,               Lieut TINGEY  F.      Seconded to M.G. Corps and transferred to
                        2nd. Lieut  MANSON   A. J. M.    That UNIT  dated 18:9:16.
                        2nd.     “  BUCHANAN  H.                       “
                        2nd.    “  BLACK  E.  R.  Otago Mtd Rifles Transferred  to Wellington Mounted Rifles dated 7:9:16.
                        To Hospital  Lieut. COLEMAN  W.L.
                                             2nd. Lieut.  HOLLAND A.
                        Regiment watered an fed up at DUEIDAR moved out at 0715 arrived ET MALER 1015 and  spent remainder of day in settling down in Camp.
                        A party from AMR and CMR had already nearly finished pitching tents when we arrived.

                                                                                                                        (page 5)

11th.                Settling down in Camp.
                        G.O.C. Div visited Camp.

12th.                 Training began in accordance with the following Syllabus
                        0845 to 0945 SQD and Troop Training with Special Attention being paid to attack practice, also to the necessity of maintaining touch and making use of all available cover.
                        Leave for men to report to Lt. HERRICK and Signallers to Regimental Signalling Officer.
                        Instructional classes in Lewis Gun and Signalling (Work?) to be carried out as usual under the Lewis Gun and Signalling Officers.
            1400 to 1500  O/C Squadrons to carry on an instructional Course for their Officers and Sergeants in Map Reading and Compass Bearing and Reconnaissance Reports.

Command  Capt. SOMMERVILLE J. A.  (Temp)  I/C of 9th. Sqd. dated 9:10:16
Postings     Lieut. HARDING M. A. Temp attached BDE HQ as Acting Staff Officer.
                   Lieut. BIRD R. J.  Temp attached 9th. W.M.R. SQD.

13th.                    Training as per Syllabus (Syllabus includes Lewis Gun firing practice)

14th.            Training as per Syllabus

15th.     Training as per Syllabus

16th.            Training as per Syllabus

17th.            Training as per Syllabus
                        O/C 6th SQD detailed three PATROLS (two) of two sections each and the other of one section to proceed as follows

  1. One Section to proceed  BIR ABD GULID,  SIR EL HAMISAH
  2. Two Sections      “          BADIEH or BAYAD,  HOD GIR GAFFA
  3. Two Sections      “          HOD EL AMDIA, HOD AYISH, HOD ES SAGIA
                Patrols to leave CAMP at 0430 and send in weather reports on return.

18th.            Training as per Syllabus
            Two Officers and fifty Other Ranks proceeded on leave to Port Said.

                                                                                                                                    (page 6)

19th.                 To Hospital Maj. ARMSTRONG, J. A.

20th.            Training as per Syllabus

21st.            Training as per Syllabus
                      Orders out for BDE moving to GE EILA the following day.

22nd.                Regiment moved to starting point at 0750, left at 0800,

23rd.                 Regt and C.M.R. arrived OGHRATINA at 1210 watered and fed up leaving again at 1320 joining with remainder of BDE on road.

24th.                 Capt. BAX  T. B.  & 11 Other Ranks marched out to CAMEL CORPS
            22:10:16.    Left BIR ABD at 0800 arriving GEI’ EILA 0945 and settled down in CAMP for remainder of day.  Camel Transport with Baggage left ET MALER at 0800 on 23rd. and remained at HEGILIAT for the night, arriving GEI’ EILA on afternoon of 24th.
            Lt. Col. MELDRUM marched out on leave 23:10:16
            Capt. SOMMERVILLE temp I/C Regt 23:10:16
            Capt. BAX T. B.  Seconded for duty with Imperial Camel Corp 22/10/16
            Lt. GRANT N.G. temp I/C of 9th. SQD vice Capt. SOMMERVILLE  J. A.
            Lt. HERRICK A.D. temp I/C 6th. SQD vice Capt. BAX  T. B.

25th.                Troop from 2nd SQD under Lieut. PIERCE  E.S. detailed to protect party working RAIL WAY.
                        2nd. SQD (less 1 Troop) under Lt. FOLEY detailed for OUTPOST DUTY on Night 25th. -26th.      
            1 N.C.O. and 12 other ranks from 9th SQD proceeded to BADAWIL to protect TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY’S working party.
            Exercised horses for one hour.
            Lt. NORTH P. J. Temp commanded 2nd SQD 19/10/16 to 22/10/16
            2nd. Lt. FOLEY W.R. appointed temp I/C 2nd SQD 23/10/16

26th                 Orders out to move to MOSSIFIG the following day.  Canterbury Mounted Rifles reported about fifty CAMELS (?EN ) in a HOD some five miles S E from WILLIGRA.  This made it necessary to put out two listening posts of 1  NCO and six men each, one to the EAST, the other N E.  They reported all clear in the morning.

27th.                 Left GE’ EILA at 0800. 9th. SQD acted as Advance Guard.  Arrived MOSSIFIG 1000  , put down horses lines and generally settled down for a CAMP. 
            9th. SQD detailed necessary Observation POSTS.  6th SQD went out on OUT POST DUTY leaving camp 1715.  Camel transport with baggage arrived early in afternoon.

                                                                                                                                    (page 7)

27th.                 Stand to Arms 0400 until ‘All Clear’ reported by OUTPOST LINE.  Two small ‘PATROLS’ under an NCO left on a reconnaissance of the Country between MOSSIFIG, GANADIL, & towards KASSEIBA.
                                 Objectives to (1) Locate WELLS
                                                         (2)  See that the Country is clear.
Patrols on reported return reported all clear.  Two WELLS were found one of which was filled in with sand.
                        Lt. WILLIAMS left MOSSIFIG at 1200 on 28 in COMMAND of two TROOPS with the OBJECT of finding out all about the WATER SUPPLY at GERERAT, situated some fifteen miles W.S.W. of EL ARISH.
                        Regimental Signalling Officer & O/C Field Troop accompanied the PARTY.
            There orders were to use the following stages.

  1.  Bivouac MAZAR on night of 28th.
  2. Carry out Reconnaissance of GERERAT on 29th. return to MAZAR that night
  3. And return to MOSSIFIG on 30th.

(page 8)

28th                  Party left Camp at 1200, a separate Escort was left for CAMEL TRANSPORT, which carried 5 rations for MEN and HORSES.
The Party arrived MAZAR at 1700 and watered, then moved some little distance from WELLS and bivouaced for  the night.
            Camel Transport arrived at 2100 & camped for the night.
                        Touch was not obtained with Auckland Mounted Rifles until 0830, but immediately touch had been obtained Lt. WILLIAMS and one Troop (on 29th) left for GERERAT (other troop remained at MAZAR) travelling in at N E direction until they reached bend in road some 9 ¾ miles from MAZAR.  From here they took a heading nearly due SOUTH.  They came on sheep and goat tracks shortly after leaving road and decided to follow them which took them to WELLS at GERERAT, TIME 1320.
                        Bedouin were seen TO SCATTER in the distance but owing to horses being done and no time being available nothing could be done with him.  The water was good and plentiful, horses drink freely.  After obtaining all necessary and useful information Party and watering horses, party moved to point two miles East, where they food fed up.  (Moving) They moved on again here they arrived (ing) MAZAR 1700.  Watered and fed up again here and rested until 1830, then moved to a point 0ne mile West of MAZAR,  bivouacked here for night.  Left Bivouac next morning at 0715 and arrived MOSSIFIG 1015.
Transport remained at MAZAR with one troop all day 29th until (reconnaissance?) Party  arrived back to MAZAR.  They left here at 1715 on the 29th. bivouaced six miles W. of MAZAR and returned to MOSEFIG the rest day.  Regimental Signalling Officer kept touch with Brigade & Regt at MOSEFIG.

[transcribers note:-  This particular page was difficult to read and to understand the entries written.  There were several corrections as shown with strike through lines.]

                                                                                                            (page 9)

29th.                           9th SQD found OUTPOST LINE
                                    9th.            Day OBSERVATION POSTS
                                    Camel Escort of 1 N.C.O. and 12 MEN to report BDE SUPPLY DEPÔT by 6th. SQD           

OBSERVATION POSTS 6th. (Two posts of 1 NCO and 2 Other Ranks)
OUTPOSTS    2nd. SQD (FULL  (Full Sqd? when possible)

30th.                 OBSERVATION POSTS 9th. SQD
                        OUTPOSTS              6th. SQD
                        Marched in Maj. BATCHELAR A. F. From School of Instruction.
                                           Capt. SCOTT  J.O.

31st.               OBSERVATION POSTS  2nd SQD
                        OUTPOSTS  9th.
                        2nd SQD detailed 1 Officer 1 NCO & 11 other Ranks Escort to General SMITH.

                        STRENGTH end of MONTH
                                    Officers                                  Other Ranks
                                       23                                            479 (Instructors ???? after ??? owing to shortage? Of  Ranks)

                        Horses   Riding  422
                                      Pack         8
                        Draught                 (23?)
[Added later in crayon:-   During the month Training was carried on + patrols + Escorts supplied by Regt.]

Transcribers Note:- [Some of the Names to locations were spelt differently care needs to be taken here.]