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Casino Poker Online

The Different Live Dealer Poker Games

You’re in the mood to play some live dealer casino games, but where do you go? Live dealer casinos are changing the experience of online gambling, and with new ones popping up weekly, it can be hard to know where to begin. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Check out this article for a list of live dealer casinos that offer everything from roulette to blackjack and baccarat. 


The best live dealer casinos for a Sunday afternoon 

The internet has made gambling much more accessible than it was in the past. Gone are the days when you had to travel across the city to find a casino. Today, the casino can be accessed from the comfort of your home. The best live dealers casino is 1x2gaming. 

The casino is located on Conrad Court in downtown Miami, Florida. If you pity the downtown living, the 1x2gaming is the place to be. In November 2019, the casino welcomed the world to your online gaming experience. This casino holds some of the most popular slot machines in the world, such as the Video Poker Royale and Slots at Purple Star. 

As a live dealer, 1x2gaming is an experience. Come for the live blackjack tables and stay for the music and the decor. You won’t want to leave just yet — this casino makes marriage applications a must-do before you can even put your cards on the table. 

You’d be remiss if you didn’t mention one of the hottest live poker rooms on the internet — Full Tilt. This is the only licensed casino and gaming room on the web, so the gambling opportunities are endless here. They host live events and have recently added monthly live webcasts and lightning talks.

How to get started in live internet casino games 

Are you looking for a great way to have fun and make some money at the same time? You should consider getting started in live internet casino games. With the right approach, you can make a great amount of money. Here is how you can get started. 

When you look up online casino games, you typically see titles such as blackjack, baccarat, slots, and of course, live casino games. However, most online casinos only allow players to play a limited amount of games per day — usually 1–2. What deals are there for you though, as long as you’re not engaging in excessive gambling? 

Live dealer casinos offer you a chance to play thousands of games on any given day. These casinos provide extensive game libraries, brands, and events at all hours of the day, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for — either in a single event or a series of events spread out over a day or longer. Some live dealer casinos even allow you to play in various locations all at once. 

What gamblers love about live dealer casinos is the variety and power they offer. There is nothing quite like crossing between indoor and outdoor environments to truly give a variance of play, however, playing in a physical location provides certain repercussions. For starters, players must bring their hotel or bed to set up, ensuring a certain level of comfort for all players. Additionally, you’ll need to shell out gaming chips for slot machines, some of which can cost a pretty penny. 

If you’re looking for a place to play blackjack, baccarat, craps, or a lot of video poker at the same time, the strength of a live casino can’t be understated. There are plenty of convenience factors, whether you’re looking to play from your smartphone or laptop, or steel yourself to sit in an actual casino. The largest online casino with thousands of locations, including live casinos all over the world, is Maxhouse. 

What is the difference between a land casino and an online casino? 

The main difference between a land casino and an online casino is that land casinos are brick and mortar locations with a building and employees. Land casinos have a lot of overhead because of their location. Online casinos have much lower overhead because they don’t have employees in a physical location. A lot of online casinos offer regular slot machines, jukeboxes, roulette wheels, and other games you’ve probably seen on TV or in a video game. A lot of these games can be basic and some may have variable odds or no odds. 

Things can get a little dicey when they go live. This could mean that there’s a limit to the number of players in a room or a limited amount of money that can be wagered. It could also mean that the house has a very strong hand. 

For a quick and simple game like bridge, you just stand in front of a nine-sided die and try to make a “deal.” If two of the numbers on the will be straight, you win. If one of them is a 6, you lose. 

Live dealer table - The Different Live Dealer Poker Games

Live Dealer Casino Games — What Are Your Options?  

Most of the time when players think about live dealer casino games, they think of the roulette wheel. This is a game that requires a dealer to be played. The dealer is responsible for spinning the wheel, dealing with the cards, and paying out the winners. However, other games have a dealer to play, some fixed, many online. If you’d like to play a game with a dealer unlike the one you’re used to, this is a good place to start. Here are a few of the live dealer casino games you can play: 

The largest live dealer casino games provider, NetEnt, offers a nice selection of games across different platforms. Given that this website focuses on hosting more established casinos, they do have a few casual games to play as well. Many online casino definitions allow betting on specific games.  


Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you’ve found it useful. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below or to reach out to us directly. If you’d like to learn more, check out our website or give us a call. 

Online casinos jackpot - Simple Online Casino Poker Games

Simple Online Casino Poker Games

The Internet has made it easier to play casino online games in New Zealand, and online gambling is expected to grow over the next few years. For many Kiwis, the first time they gambled online was at an offshore casino. However, these days there are many reputable casinos based in New Zealand for you to choose from — if you are looking for a safe and secure place to play slot machines or table games, but do not know where to start and what separates them from each other, this article is for you! 

  1. The first online casino in New Zealand was InterCasino

 In 1998, New Zealand became the first country in the world to offer online gambling services to its residents. The first online casino in New Zealand was InterCasino. InterCasino offered online slots, blackjack, poker, and other casino games as early as 1998. The company was acquired by a Canadian company called ‘The Bodog Group’ in 2012. Bodog is New Zealand’s largest publicly listed gaming company with a turnover of NZ$12.7 million in 2018.  

  1. The second online casino in New Zealand was Betfair Casino

 The second online casino in New Zealand was Betfair Casino, which was launched in April 2001. It followed the launch of the first online casino in New Zealand, Kiwi Casino, which was launched in 1999. Betfair Casino was the first online casino in New Zealand to be licensed by the government and is still the most popular online casino in the country. 

  1. The third online casino in New Zealand was Sportsbet Casino

The third online casino in New Zealand was Sportsbet Casino. It was launched in 1999 and was operated by Interactive Gaming Services Ltd. The second online casino in New Zealand was The Casino, which was launched in 2007. The Casino was operated by a company called Casino Rewards Limited. The third online casino in New Zealand was Sportsbet Casino. However, the site’s operational status is currently unclear as many of its games have been discontinued. Despite this though, there are many reputable casinos that offer all-inclusive packages. Unfortunately, gambling on the internet is unregulated in New Zealand, but that hasn’t stopped people from going online to play. 

Most online casinos cater to a particular kind of player in terms of what they’re looking for: uncommitted gamblers looking to make a quick buck. However, there are many casinos that specifically target serious players. 

  1. The fourth online casino in New Zealand was SkyCity Casino and SkyCity Poker 

Sky City Casino was the fourth online casino to be launched in New Zealand. It was launched in July 2006 by SkyCity Entertainment Group, the same company that operates the SkyCity Casino in Auckland. The first online casino in New Zealand to offer blackjack and other table games was SkyCity Casino. 

The games offered on SkyCity include every popular traditional casino game, as well as five new games: no-limit Texas hold ’em, no limit Live Revue, no limit American slots, and no limit 4-card stud. Along with these popular traditional games, they also offer many original and innovative games which no other casinos in New Zealand offer. 

These days, thanks to the success of other online casino sites in the United States such as Full House and slots parlor, SkyCity is no longer the king of the hill for most New Zealand players. However, there are still many great things to be said about the casino, and even though I haven’t personally played any of the slots and no-limit games, I can’t help but think really hard about how great they are! 

The slot machines at SkyCity are highly interactive. When you make your selection from the ubiquitous gaming machines, they light up. The games themselves are usually reams of gorgeous art, much more so than any slot you’ll find in other casinos. 

first casinos - Simple Online Casino Poker Games 


Many people partake online casinos in them because it is convenient and allows them to play whenever they want.  These casino have a decent collection of slot machines. The slots include blackjack, casino online, baccarat, as well as some unique games: Dragon Bingo and California Lotto. 

main poker types - The Main Types of Casino Poker

The Main Types of Casino Poker

There are five main types of poker that you can play at a casino. They are Texas Holdem, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, 3 card poker, and pai gow. Pretty much all six physical casinos in New Zealand and the vast majority of online casinos offer these forms of poker, with the primary difference being that when players play Texas Hold’em, they play against other players while with the other forms of poker, the player plays against the casino. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the differences and similarities.

Video poker

We’ll start with video poker because it’s the easiest to explain. Video poker is based on the popular 5-card draw version of the game. Essentially you are dealt five cards and have once chance to discard cards and be dealt with new ones. You can discard one card up to all five. Video poker always comes with a paytable, and it is important to read the paytable before deciding to play. Most video poker machines are jacks or better machines, If you get a pair of jacks you will get your money back on the play. If you get 2 pair, you double your money. If you get 3 of a kind you triple your money. If you get a straight you quadruple your money. While if you get a flush you get 6 times your money. A full house will give you 9 times your money, 4 of a kind will give you 25 times your money, and a straight flush will give you 50 times your money. One of the key elements of difference on the paytables is if you happen to get a Royal Flush, a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all of one suit. Of course, the odds of getting a Royal Flush are 649,739 to 1, but the paytables are skewed based on how many coins you insert. Get a Royal Flush with one coin and you get 250 coins or credits. However, if you play with 5 coins and acquire a Royal Flush you get 800 per coin or 4,000 coins or credits simultaneously. Video poker can offer a house edge of 3 per cent or less and is popular because you control the pace of the game. Play one hand every minute or play one hand every 5 minutes. it’s up to you.

3 Card poker

3 Card poker is a game where the player plays against the dealer. First, the player places a pre-game(ante) wager. Next, three cards are dealt with both the dealer and the player, face down. The player then examines their cards and decide if they are doing to place a wager or not. If he decides not to, he automatically loses his pre-game wager (ante). If he does decide to play, the amount would be equal to his ante bet. Once the player is finished betting the dealer turns over his cards. If he has a jack or worse, the player bet is placed back to the player. If he has a Queen or higher, and still loses, to the player, both the player and the ante bet are returned to the player. The pair plus payouts are 1 to 1 for a pair, 3 to 1 for a flush, 6 to 1 for a straight, 30 to 1 for 3 of a kind, and 40 to 1 for a straight flush. There are also ante bonus payments available in the game. The house edge varies from 3.37 per cent down to as low as 2.01 per cent depending upon the cards dealt. Three card poker is an easy game to master and the odds are not too bad, and if you like playing a lot of poker hands, consider giving it a try.

poker hand spades e1610550820944 - The Main Types of Casino Poker

Caribbean Poker

Quite similar to 3 card poker, Caribbean poker is an extremely quick and fast-paced game. First, the player puts down an ante and an optional side-bet. Then the player and the dealer are both dealt 5 cards, all face down apart from one of the dealer’s cards will be face up. Next, the player has a choice whether to fold or raise. If he folds he loses everything. If he raises, it must be twice his ante bet. Next, the dealer must show his remaining cards. To qualify, the dealer needs to have an ace/king. If the dealer hasn’t an ace/king, then the player is paid even value on his ante and his raise is a push. however, if the dealer has qualified and beats the player, the dealer collects both the ante and the raise as house winnings. When the dealer has qualified and lost, the ante pays even money and raises payout on a paytable going as low as even money to as high as 100 to 1 for a Royal Flush. The overall house edge on Caribbean poker is 5.2 per cent, so while it’s a fun game, don’t tempt the odds too often.

Pa iGow

Some play with tiles the traditional Chinese Way but others play with cards. In PaiGow you make a single bet and then are dealt 7 cards. Once you’ve been dealt your cards you arrange your cards into two separate hands, one of two cards and one of 5 cards. The five-card hand must be higher. If both of your hands beat the dealer, you are paid off as a winner on a one to one basis. If you lose both hands, you lose your bet. And if the two hands are split, it is a push. There are a lot of pushes in Pai Gow. Pai Gow is a good game with low odds of around 2.87 per cent. A part of that percentage rate is influenced by the fact that having the exact same hands in a tie go to the dealer, and the other due to the fact that you typically pay a 5 per cent commission on winnings. If you are at a brick and mortar casino, don’t be put off by the fact that most of the players will be Chinese. It’s still a great game to learn and try.

Texas Hold’em

No doubt about it, in the history of casinos, Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game around. The significant difference between Texas Hold’em and the other poker games are that you play against other players, not against the house. You may be asking, if you play against other players rather than the dealer, how does the house make money? And the answer is that there are various fees such as a percentage of winning pots along with various fixed fees for simply playing. A player will serve as a dealer (although most casinos actually deal the cards) and the player to the left of the dealer will put up a small blind. The payer to the left of the small blind player will put up the big blind. The amount of the blinds are normally limited to 2 each, and the dollar amount depends upon how high the stakes are. Next, two cards are dealt with each player, and the player can do one of five actions: Either bet 0 (not allowed on the opening two cards) bet. call, fold, raise or reraise. Next the dealer deals three community cards face up, called the flop. The dealer then deals with another community card called the turn and finally deals with another card called the River. With each set of community cards, another round of betting takes place. Texas Hold’em is so popular because it is a game of extreme skill along with bluffing. The biggest problem for new players is determining the level they will play. Play at too high a level and you will be like shark-food at feeding time. So choose carefully.

popular casino games - The Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

The Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

Casino industry comes with thousands of thousands of casino games that any player can engage comfortably at any level of expertise. These casino games are classified and categorized into different genres depending on various factors. Some of the popular games around the casino industry include a host of table games, slot machines and a whole lot more. Various games have different methods of rewarding their players via their bonus features. Consequently, it would help if you did not get surprised to notice that, some games have a differing return to player ratio. Other factors like minimum deposit, winning symbols, and multiplier factors vary from one game to another. New Zealand gambling industry is no different from the rest of the world, and recently it has witnessed tremendous growth and a tectonic shift in taste of games gamblers are looking into. the following are some of the profoundly contested and famous games with a massive following in the New Zealand market currently include the following games;

1. Baccarat

Baccarat my standards beat all the other games to get ranked on top of the list as the most played and liked casino game in history of casinos in New Zealand. The game just as its name might suggest traces its origin back in France and it a game of cards. There are two crucial participants in this game, and these are the player and the dealer. A dealer, in this case, acts as an opponent to the player. When a player wins against a dealer, he gets crowned the winner of the game. When it comes to players placing their bets as a player, Baccarat has flexible rules in that payers are allowed to place their bets on both the player and the dealer. Placing a bet on the dealer comes with a lower edge rather than when you decide to place your bet on a player. One of the fantastic features about Baccarat that makes it stand out among the many casino games is that this game comes with the highest limits, probably across the entire casino industry. Baccarat involves a lot of strategy and skills for a player to hit some maximum wins. In this case, Baccarat is not entirely a game of luck as some may try to insinuate. Its rules are simple and straightforward to follow and to engage. If you are a novice player, it’s advisable you first engage in an online version before diving into a real casino scenario.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack appears to be one of the most reputable casino games within the gambling industry, not just in New Zealand but also across the world. It gets believed to have high ranking according to gamblers. The game is composed of choices set to be selected by players when placing bets against the set odds. A semi-circular shaped exceptional table gets used during the blackjack game. Each player is assigned a square or else a circle. The games involve purchasing the chips either from a monger or from a different table. Player then uses the circle or square to put the bet. Blackjack is ideal for risk takers with little odds since it has the lowest stake that starts at 10 dollars. A player can lower the odds at their comfort to increase the winning chances. Failure to follow the set rules and guidelines in the Blackjack games, it attracts a penalty. The set principles are not rigid according to the experts, even though it is advisable to practice. There is an online platform which can be used solely for practice purposes. The players must thoroughly master the rules to engage in Blackjack games to avoid the loss. One must comprehend several blackjack edges. Single-deck blackjack has the lowliest house edge. This edge enables the prayers to take part in any game of their choice. Most of the casinos have blackjack.

Postimage Christchurch Casino Plans to Use Facial Recognition Technology to Spot Problem Gamblers Showing Helpful Information in the Games - The Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

3. Roulette

In case you have any consideration of taking a casino game based on its popularity in most casinos across New Zealand, it’s roulette. Several boards and wheel make up roulette where the monger drops the balls and spins it. Participants get accorded bets based on the position that the ball will halt. Roulette contains two slots, red wheel slot where players their bets or black wheel slot. According to roulette guidelines, chances are supposed to get placed on the point where the ball halts and given the capacity to place bets with respect where the ball stops.

Odd or numbers are other combinations available for placing bets. It can also either involve number combination or even against numbers. A gambler should know how to place a given bet and the timing when it is ideal for placing a wager. A player can participate in a given chance since several types are allowed. Another aspect of a player is understanding the chip to put in a particular bet; this brings additional benefits to experienced players in roulette. Compared with other casino games, roulette has similarity with novice players since its inception starts with online live games meant to sharpen the skills before a concrete decision gets made on whether to participate in the live games. In a casino games domain, outcomes sometimes come out to be exciting, especially to the experienced gamblers, one might make a wrong decision that will result in a lousy ending. Sometimes it’s confusing when the readily available chips on the table are more, and they are left to place the chips with the level of losing is high. The probabilistic approach of losing a game is relatively high, especially if the experience is minimal. The best thing about roulette is that there is another bonus-based feature within the game an. As a result of this, quite a good number of gamblers takes part in it.

4. Craps

There is a similarity when it comes to roulette and craps. Based on the comparison of the two games, the aspect of winning gets entirely founded on luck. In placing a bet, a difference gets seen when it comes to crap since the participants are entitled two dice rolls. As one of the noticeable aspects, craps gets surrounded by agitation and noisy activity. At first, craps game may seem daunting at the beginning, there is simplicity in the policies of the craps and have clarity, especially when one understands them. It is a game where one places wagers based on one roll, or the subsequent rolls of a dice pair. The shooter in craps r is the player rolling the dice.

5. Poker

Poker is another popular game within the casino games. It’s known as a three-card poker. Poker game involves players, placing their first bets before they get allotted the three cards. After issuing the cards, it’s the gambler’s privilege to fold his or her card or either or fold cards based on the decision he or she makes. Folding means the player has foregone their stake. Poker is among the most profitable casino games, especially when one wins. Play and ante are the two distinct modes that define the poker casino game. Money gets wagered against dealers and players. Amongst the popular poker games is pair plus bet which barely depends on gambler’s hand. Casino schedule determines the poker payout.

onlinecasinodepositswithdrawels - Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals

Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals

Online Casinos are significantly taking root in the gambling world, providing an alternative to land-based and most common casinos. The upcoming online casinos are imbued with flexibility, easiness, and convenience. They are, however, feted with worries, especially concerning how gamers get rewarded for their winnings. Regarding the land-based casinos, payments are comfortable, and most gamers are used to them. They entail exchanging won chips with chips as soon one needs the transaction. With online gambling, it is different in the sense that players need to initiate a withdrawal request and wait for verification. Withdrawals from the online platforms are slower than land-based gaming, but players should understand that it is so because of security reasons. For a brief history of online casinos in New Zealand, we have posted a previous article on this topic.

Deposits and withdrawals

Making deposits and withdrawals for online betting is an easy and convenient process, although gamers are contrived to choose their payment methods. Stable gambling operators provide their customers with a myriad of options insofar as payments are concerned so that they may select their most favorable approach. It is worth noting that most payment methods offer support for both deposits and withdrawals, which brings convenience. Players should also recognize that there are varying policies concerning deposits and withdrawals. Concerning these policies, every operator constitutes withdrawal and deposit limits, acceptable currencies, processing time frames, fees, and verification protocols.

Processing a Deposit

Before making a deposit, one crucial thing is that a gambler should select their most appropriate currency in the registration stage since they may not get a chance to do so later. It is also essential in that one would not incur unnecessary charges while concerting currencies after their winnings. The depositing procedure is easy as it entails logging in to the new account and navigating to the virtual cashier where one selects the deposit option. After that, the intricacies include filling in the currency and amount a gambler deems convenient for them.


Making withdrawals is as simple as making deposits, but the collection of winnings is not instantaneous. Like depositing money for gambling, one needs to log in to their operator’s platform and navigate to the cashier section before this time clicking on withdrawing. It is worth noting that particular payment methods are supported by specific casinos, which are the same as those utilized in the depositing procedure. Most operators require that gamblers engage in verification of their first withdrawal, which is usually done through a verification code sent via their email.

poker 15640 - Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Payment methods usually influence the limits of deposits and withdrawals. Some banking options constitute higher limits than others. Thus, gamblers need to conduct some research before committing to a payment method to get satisfactory results. Concerning limits, operators usually set minimum and maximum figures; one is allowed to transact in a single transaction. The above policy varies significantly from one casino to another, but in most cases, those figures lie between $1,000 and $5,000 on the upper limit value. Regarding the lower limit, the figures lie between $5 and $20 for deposits. Players that aim to deposit and withdraw cash higher than single transaction limits can conduct several transactions, but that is also controlled as operators limit the number of transactions one can complete within a day. Setting upper and lower deposit and withdrawal limits is both helpful and disadvantageous to gamblers. On the one hand, gamblers that the limit policy usually disadvantages fancy dealing with massive figures such as making higher deposits and winning larger amounts. Some casinos, however, allow gamblers to set their upper limits for the day or week. The above adjustment gives gamblers some sort of freedom of choice insofar as the aspect of setting boundaries is concerned, but some would still wish to extend them. Such persons may see online casinos as platforms of limitations, but these policies are advantageous to other players, especially new ones and those playing for fun. The limits are also crucial to all players in that it protects them against money laundering and cultivates responsible gambling. Concerning withdrawals, gamblers can withdraw up to $50,000 within a month, but that figure varies from one casino to another.

Fees Associated with Online Casinos

The good news is that most renowned online casino operators do not charge any fees for deposits. It is, however, worth noting that some charges may apply based on one’s payment method. In that regard, players should communicate with their banking institution to enquire about such matters. Similarly, withdrawals are mostly conducted free of charge, but payment methods may have financial repercussions in that regard. Gamblers may not incur any financial deductions when they use techniques such as credit cards and digital wallets such as Skrill. However, they are likely to experience some charges when cheques are sent to their emails or via courier services. Banking institutions may also charge some fees once players withdraw vast amounts of money to their accounts. A player needs to enquire with their casinos and banks concerning such charges as they may influence the final drawn figure.

Security Standards concerning Online Casinos

Because online casinos entail transacting on virtual platforms, coupled with the association of online platforms to hacking, most players, especially those who are not conversant with the new gambling method, are usually feted with worries concerning their security finances and leakage of personal information. Such concerns are understandable but are not attributed to seasoned gamblers who understand online legitimacy issues regarding licensing, dependability, and regulations. Reputable online casino operators are deemed reliable and can offer appropriate protection to their customers because they also have an image to cultivate and defend. Online casinos use similar security protocols as the banks, probably because of the vast amounts of money involved. They ensure both the personal and financial details of their customers are protected. Thus, they are safe platforms and recommendable for gamblers who don’t have limited time to visit land-based casinos. All reputable online casino operators constitute state-of-the-art bank-like systems and utilize technological approaches such as the 256-bit SSL encryptions, a modern method of encoding personal and financial information. The two systems protect their customers against an opportunistic third party by making private and financial information appear useless, especially in their website platforms. In that regard, casino operators monitor all activities on their websites.

Declined Payments

Like other online platforms, sometimes, one’s transactions may not be completed for various reasons. Declined transactions may result in frustrations on the gambler’s part and may also be detrimental to operators as they may be accused of dishonesty. Therefore, a player needs to prepare for such events, mainly because some declines could be resolved by themselves. For instance, payment may be declined because of insufficient funds and internet interruptions. In some cases, banking institutions may block transactions for legal reasons, primarily if one resides in a country where gambling is prohibited. Concerning withdrawals, one may be burred because they fail to fulfill their wagering requirements. Additionally, players are likely to lose their winnings and bonuses when they initiate a withdrawal before clearing their play through risk. Therefore, online gamblers need to conduct their due diligence before engaging online casinos as it will save them frustrations and unprecedented financial losses.

Poker in NZ - Some Great Casinos for Poker in New Zealand

Some Great Casinos for Poker in New Zealand

There are only six New Zealand casinos that the customer can go to for gambling. They also offer online gambling sites. Both of these offer gaming machines and tables for other types of games, such as poker. These games include Caribbean Stud poker, Three-card poker, and Texas Hold’em.

SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casinos has the most live casinos in New Zealand. This makes SkyCity casinos the biggest casino group in the country. The casinos have a wide selection of offerings like hotels, a theater, superb restaurants, convention centers, and bars for you to enjoy when you want to relax and unwind. There are around 1,600 gaming machines and over 100 gaming tables for roulette, blackjack, and poker. The casinos have special poker rooms that hold weekly tournaments for Premier Rewards cardholders. The typical buy-in price for a tournament is anywhere from $15 to $500.

Dunedin Casino

Dunedin Casino opened in 1999 and is the smallest of the New Zealand casinos. It has very well-designed gaming rooms with some of the best gaming around. The bar and dining areas are award-winning. There around 180 gaming machines, and there are 12 tables for gaming. The casino has a selection of pokies and gaming machines for the customers to choose from to play. The casino has a variety of gaming tables, so the customer can play their favorite table games, such as poker and blackjack. Dunedin casino has an amazing reward program that they call Club Casino. It works in a manner that is like the other casinos’ rewards programs. The customer accumulates points in the process of playing different games and by purchasing food and drinks. When the customer has accumulated enough points, they can turn them in for cash or food, but the customer is able to turn in the points for prizes that are in the catalog of prizes that the casino offers to the customers.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City Casino is an online casino that was started in 1998. It has some of the top lines of games and the best security of online casinos. There is a wide variety of great casino games that include some of the popular online pokies. They have quality table games and live casino games and a lot more. They have trustworthy banking options to choose from for your financial transactions. The Malta Gaming Authority has the most sought-after license and they have presented it to Jackpot City. ECOGRA, an external investing agency, has certified the Jackpot City casino. It is an endorsement that is only given to casinos that deliver online gameplay that has acceptable conduct and that is fair.

online poker - Some Great Casinos for Poker in New Zealand

Captain Spins

Captain Spins is an online casino that has over 1,500 games that the customer can choose from to play. They use top range software to make sure that the games that are played are of the best quality possible. They usually have several different promotions going on during the week. These promotions change from week to week. The casino matches the $1,200 and gives free spins to them at the same time. The amount of free spins that the customer receives depends on the amount of the deposit. Captain Spins trusts their payment methods explicitly so much that they make sure that they are safe and as secure as they could be. The methods that they use include MasterCard, PayPal, bank wire transfers, Visa, Paysafecard, Skrill, Sofort, Neteller, Trustly, and Giropay. Captain Spins is regulated and licensed by two of the best-trusted bodies around. These bodies are the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commission of Great Britain. They got the stamp of approval from the distinguished eCOGRA which is a regulatory body that assures that the gaming is transparent and fair.

Christchurch Casino

New Zealand’s Christchurch casino is part of the SkyCity casino group and opened in 1994. The casino has a lot to offer their customers. They have 500 slot machines, and 36 gaming tables to offer. They provide a room for Baccarat, lounges for Poker, and an electric sports arena that is brand new. This casino keeps in mind that there are beginning players and skilled players alike. Got Game Arena is the e-sports arena. It has 4 PS4s that are attached to the wall of the arena and several other downloaded games that the customer can play for free. The sports bar, called Monza Sports Bar, serves juicy burgers, well-done steaks, and pizza. Each of these items can be paired with your choice of liquor, from wine to spirits. The customer will want to check out the offers that await them.

There is an in-house restaurant that serves authentic Cantonese food for those of you that like spicy foods. The Valley Bar is one of the best places to grab a good bite to eat and sit while enjoying some live music. The Christchurch casino has a loyalty program that is called the Players Club Rewards and it is free to join. It rewards the customer and allows them to see the newest promotions that are being offered and any deals that may be going on when it comes to food and drinks.


As a future customer, it is easy to see that there are many different offerings when it comes to casinos in New Zealand. There are both live casinos and online casinos. A few of the different casinos have been discussed here. Just remember that there are more out there to choose from. All of the casinos offer gaming machines, such as slots and pokies. The casinos offer different gaming tables, such as Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and different types of pokers. Some of the casinos offer live entertainment and bars for the enjoyment of the customers. Some of the bars offer food to eat while others may not. Part of the casinos offer restaurants for their customers to relax and have a nice meal. They all offer secure payment options, especially online casinos. The online casinos should be licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. It is a good idea to see if they are regulated by either eCOGRA, an external investing agency, or by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain. These show that gaming is fair and transparent.

cardsontable - Tips Before Joining a Poker Tournament at Christchurch Casino

Tips Before Joining a Poker Tournament at Christchurch Casino

Five Common Mistakes People Make When They Join An Online Poker Tournament

Joining a poker tournament, at Christchurch Casino, is the easy part. Learn the game, became very skilled at what you are doing, and then find a tournament-best suited for your playing skills. The challenge comes when you start to play with other players(players who might be better at the game than you). A tournament brings the best of the best together into one sitting.

What are the mistakes people make and why do they make them?

1) The Structure

Some poker players get oddly confident in the beginning. They feel excited to be part of something like a poker tournament. You feel as though you have done something right to merit an invitation. You start to feel like you are going to outwit everyone at the table. After all, that is how you got there in the first place. Your ego begins to override your better judgment. That is where the oddly confident behavior comes into play. Yeah, you do not want to do that. You start with 100-200 blinds. You are feeling good about your chances. However, after the first few rounds, you find that you are still at the starting stack. You start with chips being worth 40 BBs or less. You wind up with chips that are now only worth 10 BBs or less. What happened? You may have been a little too selective in the beginning, especially if the tournament is fast-paced. A poker tournament does not run at the same slow speed as the traditional poker games online. You also might have to be more concerned toward the end about someone stealing your blinds than in the beginning. You also have to be very careful about how much your chips are worth(via the big blinds) at your current level. Some of you overestimate or underestimate how much your chips are worth.

2) Stacks Change

Your stacks are going to change. You cannot expect your stacks to stay at the same level throughout the game. You know how your stacks stay the same during a regular poker game, right? Well, the same rules do not apply during a tournament. This is one of the biggest issues some of you have. The other players are also going to vary in stack sizes. Some will be very deep, while others will be very short. An Example Say, for example, you or someone else has a very short stack. Now, you or they might not want to do a preflop with a speculative hand. The reason is that you are not going to come out of it looking good, and neither is the other player. Now, if you have a deep hand, then you might want to take more of a chance. You always want to pay close attention to your hand and what the other players are doing, more so in a tournament setting.

Postimage Christchurch Casino Plans to Use Facial Recognition Technology to Spot Problem Gamblers Showing Helpful Information in the Games - Tips Before Joining a Poker Tournament at Christchurch Casino

3) The Bubble Is Coming

Another issue some players have(you might be included here) is not recognizing when the money bubble is coming. Now, most experienced players know that when this happens, there is going to be a dramatic change in the game. Some players are going to get more aggressive, especially if they have the chips to pressure others with. Some are going to tighten their game and play things close to the vest, especially if their stacks are kind of short. I do not know which category you fall into. That is up to you to decide. The point is, you do need to make changes as the money bubble draws near. Now, do not be too obvious about it. It is like playing with someone who does not know how to bluff at all. People will notice what you are doing( which is another mistake players make too).

4) The Pay Jumps

There will come a point where the money will come into play with a tournament. Now, some disregard this idea until the money matters to their side. It is like how a world crisis happens, but the other person does not care until it affects them. That happens with poker tournaments too. Now, this is going to happen slowly. Most of you should not be too concerned until the end is near. Once the end starts rearing its ugly head, that is when you should pay close attention to the payouts. There are going to be differences in the payouts throughout the game. One mistake could mean the difference between a win and a loss. There is something called an Independent Chip Model(ICM). That denotes the value of the chips and how much you have sitting on your side. You do not have to know the exact number to make good choices. That means that you should not be making careless risks or apply pressure to the wrong person. Making choices like that could impact how much money you win in the tournament.

5) Mental Issues

I am not joking here. Players do have mental issues that they have to overcome. Poker is a very taxing mental game, no matter if you play in a tournament or a regular table game. Not recognizing how your brain is going to be affected is a challenge some players tend to overlook. This is especially true when you are dealing with “all cash” games. You need to have a combined skill of patience and endurance. Exercise patience when you need to. Know when to bow out if the game is too close or not going your way. PArt of the endurance factor is staying in for the duration, especially when you know your hand is the winning one. Some people give up too quickly in a tournament due to a lack of energy. Mental games have a way of exhausting the mind and body in ways that physical activity does not. That is why you need to build up your endurance level. The less experienced always walk away surprised at how tired they are. To win during an online tournament, you need to stay alert and focused for an indefinite period. You have to have the edge over those who cannot. One small letup or one second where there is a lack of focus can spell disaster for you and the game.

4ofakind 1 - Poker at the Christchurch Casino

Poker at the Christchurch Casino

It seems that more and ore gamblers in any casino are starting to lean towards playing poker instead of other games such as blackjack and roulette. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that gamblers are tired of playing up against the house. It seems that the house always wins. Gamblers want a game that is not up against the house but other players. Another reason is that gamblers want a social game that they can play against their friends. This social aspect of poker is a big reason why many players play poker, even if they do not expect to make any money out of the game. Besides these reasons, many gamblers in New Zealand do not know where they should be playing poker. Every poker player wats a poker room that is relaxing has good games and is also very welcoming to the novice player. For the more advanced player, they will want bigger games and maybe some perks that will come along with a loyalty program. One poker room in New Zealand that offers all of this and more is Christchurch Casino. Besides the poker room, this casino offers all of the best casino games such as blackjack and roulette. Some of the biggest poker tournaments in New Zealand and the region are hosted in this casino, which attracts some of the best poker players in the world. Here are some reasons every poker player in New Zealand and the region needs to check out Christchurch Casino.

The first reason that many poker players decide to bet in this casino is because of the tournaments that it runs. Some of the biggest poker tournaments of the year are hosted in this casino. Big-name poker players love to show up to these events, so it is a great chance for the amateur player to compete against some of the biggest names in poker. This skill gap in the tournament is also a great way for amateurs to get better at the game as they play against much better competition. The tournaments have both low entry buy-in fees, and then some tournaments have big buy-in fees to enter. This is a great way for beginner players to get some experience playing cheap tournaments. The prize pool for these tournaments can also be very large, which is a very good incentive for players to play their best to get the highest reward. For the player with a bankroll, these small fee tournament is a chance for you to make a lot of money while only paying a little to enter the tournament. The tournaments are easily found both in the casino and online, so you can always know when the next interesting tournament will be happening at Christchurch Casino. Online registration is also available, soy ou can register at home then play right when you get onto the poker room floor. Make sure you take advantage of these tournaments in the Christchurch Casino.

One more great thing about this casino is the number of stakes the poker room offer. The stakes start at $1/$2. This is the amount of money that each big blind and small blind needs to put into the pot before the hands are dealt. This is where the amateur player that wants to get good at the game starts in the poker room. Depending on your bankroll, or how much money you are dedicating to play poker with, you should start at the staking levels that you feel most comfortable with and is only a smaller percentage of your overall bankroll to play poker. After this level, there is $2/$3 and $2/$4. One thing to keep in mind is that as you move up higher in stakes, generally the competition will be better. That is why you should only move up in stakes when you feel comfortable because the competition will be much more skills as you move up. one of the best things about this poker room is that it has $5/$5 stakes. This is one of the highest stakes that any player will be playing if they are an amateur or a semi-pro. This stake is not for a new player that is just starting out playing poker. For the professional poker player, this stake can be a very good way to make more money. Christchurch Casino also offers pot-limit Omaha games. This is when instead of betting with two games, you are betting with four cards. This makes the action much higher for the players, as now there are more hand possibilities for each player to have. But one thing to keep in mind about pot-limit Omaha is that often variance is much higher than playing texas hold em. So for the player with a smaller bankroll, they might not want to be playing pot-limit Omaha.

Another great thing about Christchurch Casino is that the poker room is built for poker players. The room is very big and has many tables to it so that each player does not have to wait a long time to be able to sit down and start playing poker. Another great thing about the poker room is that it has tv’s around so that you can watch your favourite sports team play while you are playing poker. There is also alcohol and food available so that if you get hungry or thirsty while playing you can easily order something while you are playing. The poker room is very easy to reach, and there is parking on-site so you can park your car and get right to playing some poker. Since there are many tables, you can switch around to play with different people easily. For the person that wants to be social and enjoy that aspect of the game, this poker room is a great option for you. Christchurch Casino has a poker room that is built up with poker players in mind.

If you are tired of playing poker, this casino also offers many other casino games in mind such as roulette and blackjack. With both of these games, you will not be playing against other players but the house. Many poker players like to play some of these table games to take a break from poker. If you like slots, Christchurch Casino has many slot games that every person will love. Rather you want a simple pull the lever type of slot machine or you want a complex slot game that is very fun to play, there is a slot game in this casino for everyone. There are also other games like baccarat if you want to try your luck on the table.

Playing poker in Christchurch casino can be a lot of fun. With the different stakes and game selection, there is a poker game that is fit for almost every poker player. The tournaments can be a great way for a novice to practise their skills or for a professional poker player to try to earn a lot of money from winning in the tournament. For the poker player that just wants to enjoy the social aspect of the game, Christchurch Casino is a great option for you and all of your friends to play. One thing to keep in mind when gambling is that you should never play with money that you can not afford to lose and to stick with a budget when you are in the casino.

poker 15640 - Online Gambling In New Zealand

Online Gambling In New Zealand

Many types of gaming and gambling take place in New Zealand. Online gambling and betting are popular and legal in New Zealand. Many people in the country like to gamble. There are many different forms of online gambling to choose from. Online casino gaming and poker in New Zealand are available. There is a governmental agency that regulates gambling in New Zealand. This government agency is the regulatory power in the country for gaming and gambling. Online social gambling is allowed. The money won by gambling is not taxed by the state. Online gambling on foreign websites is allowed and legal and popular among gamblers. Gambling where there are no license requirements to operate is regulated by section 22 and 23 of the Gambling Act of 2003. Section 22 covers poker tournaments, bingo, betting pools and other types of gambling that doesn’t use machines. If a prize is under 500 NZD then it is known as class 1 gambling. No license is required for this type of gambling in New Zealand. Class 2 gambling is for organizations, certain types of businesses, and charities.

In New Zealand, they are a highly regulated society in some respects. On the other hand, they don’t like telling people what they can spend their money on. Gambling is considered a form of recreation and not looked at as an income. This is why in almost all cases of gambling in New Zealand it is not taxed. Using online betting sites from other countries when one is in New Zealand is treated in the same way. Any winnings will be tax-free.

Professional gambling income can be taxed. If one is producing a regular income from gambling it is looked at as employment and it can be taxed. The Government of New Zealand does not look at this type of gambling as being just for fun but looks at it instead as a professional, taxable income. Gambling websites that are from other countries are legal to access in New Zealand. One cannot advertise foreign websites in any way. The penalty can be 5,000 NZD per offence. Foreign online gaming sites cannot be advertised on television, newspapers, radios or other media forms. If someone happens to come across one of these sites and begins to play them no online gambling law has been broken.

Residents and companies in New Zealand are not allowed to offer gambling and betting games. Casino games, pokies or slots, in-play betting, bingo and online poker are examples of the games that are banned. It is legal for a resident of New Zealand to play these games they just can’t be offered as games to play by establishments or advertised. The games that are offered by the country of New Zealand to play is the Lottery of New Zealand and sports and racehorse betting. It is not illegal to play gambling games over the internet from sources that originate from outside the country.

Bet 365 is a popular gambling game that is played not in just New Zealand but around the world. They offer accounts in New Zealand Dollars. The site offers poker, slots, casino and bingo. There are many other overseas websites that people from New Zealand can use to gamble. The government has no real way to track these overseas gambling habits of its residents online so the extent of the gambling is impossible to know for sure.

In New Zealand, it is legal to access and gamble on foreign websites. Gambling is kept honest and fair in New Zealand through their government. Casino and now casino activities are regulated by a government agency. The agency has the authority to license and regulate known casino gaming activities. Casino employees are offered certificates of approval. Casino gaming activities are regulated by Casino Inspectorate.

In New Zealand, they think that if there is to be gambling then it should be done in such a way that the proceeds benefit the community in some way. It also needs to be considered how the negative aspects of gambling can affect individuals and society. The negative effects need to be minimized. The main legislation in New Zealand that is involved in regulating gambling is the gambling act in 2003.

The legislation aims to limit crime and dishonesty. It tries to make sure that money gained from gambling helps the community at large in some way. Different causes and groups can be helped by using gambling proceeds to further the group’s cause. They want to minimize problem gambling and address the harm that can accompany it. In New Zealand, they like to get the community involved in any decisions made concerning gambling. They want to control the growth of gambling and the problems that it can cause.

The society of New Zealand has a concern that unregulated gambling can cause harm to individuals and their families. Gambling could bring harm to entire communities. Problem gambling can hurt the whole aspects of society. Gambling can be a fun past time but individuals and society need to be careful. Too much of it can lead to problems and no society including New Zealand wants this to occur. In many ways, New Zealanders like to look at themselves as an independent bunch and they don’t like to be told what to do by their government. They especially want to spend their money in ways that they choose. Most New Zealanders agree that gambling needs to regulate.

ft - The History of Online Casinos in New Zealand

The History of Online Casinos in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long and complicated history when it comes to gambling and this is magnified when looking into the history of online casinos.

The role of the DIA

All forms of gambling in New Zealand are controlled by the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs). The reason for handing this responsibility to the DIA is to ensure that gamblers are protected and because the vast majority of the gambling market is run by state owned institutions and the DIA is well set up for regulated other parts of government.

The DIA is expected to ensure that a reasonable portion of gambling profits is returned back to local communities. This community responsibility is exemplified by the Lottery Grants Board. The board has been established under the Gambling Act of 2003 where all profits from the national lotto are used to uplift communities in NZ. In this case the DIA administers the funds on behalf of the Lottery.

SkyCity Entertainment Group

The SkyCity Entertainment Group is the largest private gambling company in New Zealand. They operate a number of massive land based casinos and have recently patterned up with GIG to open SkyCity Online Casino.

SkyCity’s move into the online casino space has caused a number of people to question New Zealand’s online gambling policy. The policy makes it legal for offshore online casinos to service customers in New Zealand but makes it illegal for local companies to run an online casino in NZ.

We have seen a proliferation of online casinos entering the New Zealand market on the back of this law with Captain Spins Casino the latest casino to offer online pokies in New Zealand.

Online Poker in New Zealand

New Zealand treats online poker in the same way that it treats online casinos. It is completely legal to play poker online as long as the online poker room is located outside of New Zealand. Poker players that do play online in NZ are advised to play at large recognised online poker rooms like PokerStars, PartyPoker or 888Poker.

The reason players are recommended to play at large online poker rooms is because many smaller online poker websites utilise bots are employees to fill up their rooms. This means that the person you are playing against may have a significant advantage over you which defeats the objective of poker completely.

Taxes for Online Gambling in New Zealand

This is a very contentious area of playing at online casinos and online poker rooms. Online casino players do not normally declare their online winnings and because the casinos and poker rooms are based offshore, they do not generally provide this information back to the NZ tax man.

This means that online gambling winnings are not subjected to tax which is a huge loss for New Zealand. It is difficult to say that someone makes a living from playing online pokies but there are many poker players that make a good living from playing almost exclusively online poker.

Land based casino are required to monitor this behaviour which makes avoiding the tax man far more difficult.

The future of online casinos in New Zealand

Recent reports have indicated that Kiwi’s have poured up to NZ$381 million into online casinos over the past 18 months. This is too large a portion of New Zealand’s GDP for regulators to continue to ignore. Offshore online casinos do not create local jobs, use that money to stimulate the local economy or give back to local communities.

It is time for New Zealand to update it’s archaic online gambling laws and introduce an effective online gambling bill that will allow for three things:

  1. Protect Online Gambling Customer
  2. Uplift and improve local communities
  3. Allow online casinos to operate legitimately with reasonable profits
  4. Ensure that online casino revenue is used to stimulate the New Zealand economy.

The NZ government has started this process but it moves slowly and each day that goes by means, more citizens are at risk and more money is being moved out of the country.

The latest attempt we have seen, from authorities to try and protect problem gamblers, is to try and ban the use of credit cards at gambling establishments. The problem with this in relation to online casinos is that new players will be forced to utilise online wallets such as Neteller and Skrill which exclude them from many of the welcome bonuses that online casinos offer.


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