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Online Gambling In New Zealand

Many types of gaming and gambling take place in New Zealand. Online gambling and betting are popular and legal in New Zealand. Many people in the country like to gamble. There are many different forms of online gambling to choose from. Online casino gaming and poker in New Zealand are available. There is a governmental agency that regulates gambling in New Zealand. This government agency is the regulatory power in the country for gaming and gambling. Online social gambling is allowed. The money won by gambling is not taxed by the state. Online gambling on foreign websites is allowed and legal and popular among gamblers. Gambling where there are no license requirements to operate is regulated by section 22 and 23 of the Gambling Act of 2003. Section 22 covers poker tournaments, bingo, betting pools and other types of gambling that doesn’t use machines. If a prize is under 500 NZD then it is known as class 1 gambling. No license is required for this type of gambling in New Zealand. Class 2 gambling is for organizations, certain types of businesses, and charities.

In New Zealand, they are a highly regulated society in some respects. On the other hand, they don’t like telling people what they can spend their money on. Gambling is considered a form of recreation and not looked at as an income. This is why in almost all cases of gambling in New Zealand it is not taxed. Using online betting sites from other countries when one is in New Zealand is treated in the same way. Any winnings will be tax-free.

Professional gambling income can be taxed. If one is producing a regular income from gambling it is looked at as employment and it can be taxed. The Government of New Zealand does not look at this type of gambling as being just for fun but looks at it instead as a professional, taxable income. Gambling websites that are from other countries are legal to access in New Zealand. One cannot advertise foreign websites in any way. The penalty can be 5,000 NZD per offence. Foreign online gaming sites cannot be advertised on television, newspapers, radios or other media forms. If someone happens to come across one of these sites and begins to play them no online gambling law has been broken.

Residents and companies in New Zealand are not allowed to offer gambling and betting games. Casino games, pokies or slots, in-play betting, bingo and online poker are examples of the games that are banned. It is legal for a resident of New Zealand to play these games they just can’t be offered as games to play by establishments or advertised. The games that are offered by the country of New Zealand to play is the Lottery of New Zealand and sports and racehorse betting. It is not illegal to play gambling games over the internet from sources that originate from outside the country.

Bet 365 is a popular gambling game that is played not in just New Zealand but around the world. They offer accounts in New Zealand Dollars. The site offers poker, slots, casino and bingo. There are many other overseas websites that people from New Zealand can use to gamble. The government has no real way to track these overseas gambling habits of its residents online so the extent of the gambling is impossible to know for sure.

In New Zealand, it is legal to access and gamble on foreign websites. Gambling is kept honest and fair in New Zealand through their government. Casino and now casino activities are regulated by a government agency. The agency has the authority to license and regulate known casino gaming activities. Casino employees are offered certificates of approval. Casino gaming activities are regulated by Casino Inspectorate.

In New Zealand, they think that if there is to be gambling then it should be done in such a way that the proceeds benefit the community in some way. It also needs to be considered how the negative aspects of gambling can affect individuals and society. The negative effects need to be minimized. The main legislation in New Zealand that is involved in regulating gambling is the gambling act in 2003.

The legislation aims to limit crime and dishonesty. It tries to make sure that money gained from gambling helps the community at large in some way. Different causes and groups can be helped by using gambling proceeds to further the group’s cause. They want to minimize problem gambling and address the harm that can accompany it. In New Zealand, they like to get the community involved in any decisions made concerning gambling. They want to control the growth of gambling and the problems that it can cause.

The society of New Zealand has a concern that unregulated gambling can cause harm to individuals and their families. Gambling could bring harm to entire communities. Problem gambling can hurt the whole aspects of society. Gambling can be a fun past time but individuals and society need to be careful. Too much of it can lead to problems and no society including New Zealand wants this to occur. In many ways, New Zealanders like to look at themselves as an independent bunch and they don’t like to be told what to do by their government. They especially want to spend their money in ways that they choose. Most New Zealanders agree that gambling needs to regulate.