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Tips Before Joining a Poker Tournament at Christchurch Casino

Five Common Mistakes People Make When They Join An Online Poker Tournament

Joining a poker tournament, at Christchurch Casino, is the easy part. Learn the game, became very skilled at what you are doing, and then find a tournament-best suited for your playing skills. The challenge comes when you start to play with other players(players who might be better at the game than you). A tournament brings the best of the best together into one sitting.

What are the mistakes people make and why do they make them?

1) The Structure

Some poker players get oddly confident in the beginning. They feel excited to be part of something like a poker tournament. You feel as though you have done something right to merit an invitation. You start to feel like you are going to outwit everyone at the table. After all, that is how you got there in the first place. Your ego begins to override your better judgment. That is where the oddly confident behavior comes into play. Yeah, you do not want to do that. You start with 100-200 blinds. You are feeling good about your chances. However, after the first few rounds, you find that you are still at the starting stack. You start with chips being worth 40 BBs or less. You wind up with chips that are now only worth 10 BBs or less. What happened? You may have been a little too selective in the beginning, especially if the tournament is fast-paced. A poker tournament does not run at the same slow speed as the traditional poker games online. You also might have to be more concerned toward the end about someone stealing your blinds than in the beginning. You also have to be very careful about how much your chips are worth(via the big blinds) at your current level. Some of you overestimate or underestimate how much your chips are worth.

2) Stacks Change

Your stacks are going to change. You cannot expect your stacks to stay at the same level throughout the game. You know how your stacks stay the same during a regular poker game, right? Well, the same rules do not apply during a tournament. This is one of the biggest issues some of you have. The other players are also going to vary in stack sizes. Some will be very deep, while others will be very short. An Example Say, for example, you or someone else has a very short stack. Now, you or they might not want to do a preflop with a speculative hand. The reason is that you are not going to come out of it looking good, and neither is the other player. Now, if you have a deep hand, then you might want to take more of a chance. You always want to pay close attention to your hand and what the other players are doing, more so in a tournament setting.

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3) The Bubble Is Coming

Another issue some players have(you might be included here) is not recognizing when the money bubble is coming. Now, most experienced players know that when this happens, there is going to be a dramatic change in the game. Some players are going to get more aggressive, especially if they have the chips to pressure others with. Some are going to tighten their game and play things close to the vest, especially if their stacks are kind of short. I do not know which category you fall into. That is up to you to decide. The point is, you do need to make changes as the money bubble draws near. Now, do not be too obvious about it. It is like playing with someone who does not know how to bluff at all. People will notice what you are doing( which is another mistake players make too).

4) The Pay Jumps

There will come a point where the money will come into play with a tournament. Now, some disregard this idea until the money matters to their side. It is like how a world crisis happens, but the other person does not care until it affects them. That happens with poker tournaments too. Now, this is going to happen slowly. Most of you should not be too concerned until the end is near. Once the end starts rearing its ugly head, that is when you should pay close attention to the payouts. There are going to be differences in the payouts throughout the game. One mistake could mean the difference between a win and a loss. There is something called an Independent Chip Model(ICM). That denotes the value of the chips and how much you have sitting on your side. You do not have to know the exact number to make good choices. That means that you should not be making careless risks or apply pressure to the wrong person. Making choices like that could impact how much money you win in the tournament.

5) Mental Issues

I am not joking here. Players do have mental issues that they have to overcome. Poker is a very taxing mental game, no matter if you play in a tournament or a regular table game. Not recognizing how your brain is going to be affected is a challenge some players tend to overlook. This is especially true when you are dealing with “all cash” games. You need to have a combined skill of patience and endurance. Exercise patience when you need to. Know when to bow out if the game is too close or not going your way. PArt of the endurance factor is staying in for the duration, especially when you know your hand is the winning one. Some people give up too quickly in a tournament due to a lack of energy. Mental games have a way of exhausting the mind and body in ways that physical activity does not. That is why you need to build up your endurance level. The less experienced always walk away surprised at how tired they are. To win during an online tournament, you need to stay alert and focused for an indefinite period. You have to have the edge over those who cannot. One small letup or one second where there is a lack of focus can spell disaster for you and the game.