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I’m Marvin Mata, an American amateur gambler who loves to travel around the world playing and experiencing some of the biggest casinos and hotels out there. While traveling to different countries, I ended up visiting Oceania.

Australia wowed me with its marvelous and curious flora, fauna, and cultural mixture, but New Zealand was something else.

Although some people may have heard New Zealand possesses huge venomous spiders, a wide variety of ‘giant-like’ animal species, and dangerous beaches, it also has great buildings, entertainment centers, and casinos to visit like Christchurch Casino.

The Christchurch Casino is, hands down, one of the greatest casinos and entertainment centers in the country. Since it opened its doors back in 1994, the casino has been continuously offering attractive events and casino games to people.

It also holds the New Zealand Poker Championships, the biggest poker-related event in the region.

That’s when it hit me. I decided to start a web magazine, as I wanted to help people know more about the casino, the poker championship, and the country itself.

On NZ MR, readers can find interesting articles discussing topics as varied as lists of events taking place in and outside the casino premises and how the country’s politics affect the gambling industry.

The ultimate goal is to shed some light and exposure to one of the places I love. As an amateur gambler wanting to go pro someday, it’s crucial to keep myself grounded and practice to improve my poker-playing skills in order to get a chance to be part of the New Zealand Championships one day.

If you want to learn more about the casino, its policies, what it offers, and how to access it, continue browsing NZ MR.