featuredimage Christchurch Casino and Gambling Impact on New Zealand’s Society - Christchurch Casino and Gambling Impact on New Zealand’s Society

Christchurch Casino and Gambling Impact on New Zealand’s Society

History of gambling in the country proves that although it has been highly regulated recently, it is obviously conditioning people’s behavior. While Christchurch Casino may be young, it certainly has a huge impact on New Zealand’s society thanks to its attractiveness and big prizes.

Some of the impacts Christchurch Casino and gambling practices have on New Zealand’s society as a whole will be shared in this article.

How Gambling Affects Different Ethnic Groups

Different ethnic groups in the New Zealand region are affected differently due to aspects like their social-economic position and access to gambling-related facilities, among others.


Although Maori people have low monthly incomes, it has been stated that they tend to spend more money on gambling than most ethnic groups in the country. This leads to people stealing money and other goods to pay for gambling and other betting-related activities.


Just like Maori people, Tongans and Samoans are also affected socially and economically by gambling to the point of breaking relationships between family members.

Addictive behavior, not providing money for children’s needs, and stealing money to pay debts are also part of the side-effects of gambling within Pacific-Asian society.


Asian migrants are affected by gambling due to the language barrier which could probably lead people to get immersed in casino games and gambling-related practices, as these activities don’t need for people to learn any language or interact with other people.

In cases in which Asians visit casino parlors like Christchurch Casino, they will find hosts and managers able to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mala, and Tagalog, among other Asian languages.

Other Groups

White people and other bigger ethnic groups don’t suffer as much and mostly focus on avoiding gambling addiction and corruption, keeping the socio-economic order in the country.

What Christchurch Casino Represents for New Zealand’s Economy

Although casinos and gambling are generally thought to be related to thieves, mobsters, corrupt politicians, and business higher-ups, Christchurch Casino has always fought against any of these groups of people.

Since it first opened its doors back in 1994, Christchurch Casino has been devoted to providing quality service for customers.

The casino injects a huge amount of money to New Zealand’s economy, which is then used to improve the country’s infrastructure and services. After Sky City group bought 41% of Christchurch Casino shares in 1997 paying a staggering $94 million, the casino upgraded and became the biggest casino parlor in New Zealand.

Christchurch Casino offers its clients a wide selection of games and live shows in order to consistently provide high-quality entertainment for everyone. In fact, the casino features a VIP private gambling club called Aspinall Poker Club, which people can only access by personal invitation and referral.

The casino is also responsible for offering jobs for more than 300 employees including managers, hosts, croupiers, security staff, among others, without counting Christchurch Casino’s bars and club workers.

Although people may like to travel overseas and visit a casino while on vacation, they tend to have moral issues towards gambling and casino parlors when this type of facilities are in their hometown.

Even though this might be the case in other countries around the world, it’s not the case in New Zealand nor Christchurch Casino.