featuredimage 4 Military Related Events to Attend Near Christchurch Casino - 4 Military-Related Events to Attend Near Christchurch Casino

4 Military-Related Events to Attend Near Christchurch Casino

Recreation is important for everyone to relax and rest their minds from everyday life hassles. It’s crucial to acknowledge how important recreational events are for military members who live and breathe to safeguard the country.

In this article, we will share some great events to attend in the Christchurch Casino area.

Rannerdale World War I Commemorative Dinner, Air Force Museum of New Zealand

This charitable event is catered towards people of all ages with a soft spot for World War I memorabilia and history.

This commemorative event serves as a way to raise funds to help the WWI veterans and their families for the veterans’ hard work on the battlefield while honoring the ones lost in battle.

The New Zealand Army Band will fill the room with their lovely drum beats, and a 3-course meal will follow the Honor Guard’s presentation.

Some of the rarely-seen photographic plates from World War I will be showcased, in which people will get the chance to see what Christchurch looked like during World War I in 1914.

Arms and Militaria Gun Show, Riccarton Racecourse

This annual event will take place in July 2019 near the Christchurch Casino area. In this event, people of all ages will have the chance to attend and admire a wide collection or military vehicles, guns, pistols, and swords.

Actors dressed as medieval knights will demonstrate sword fights and how to use crossbows.

A broad arrangement of military-related items are also on sale, in which old and contemporary guns and firearms from World War I, World War II, and the Cold War/Vietnam era.

Bayonets, medals, badges, combat swords, books, hunting gear, and even scale models will be available to purchase at the event.

World War I Commemorative Concert by the Christchurch City Choir and Addington Brass, Air Force Museum of New Zealand

This commemorative event is catered towards people of all ages, in which the music will be the star of the show. Patriotic songs soldiers used to sing during the war will be showcased in the concert alongside Addington Brass tunes, a selection of Christchurch Choir songs, and some military bugle calls.

New Zealand Army Band’s Dawn Services, Cranmer Square

The event will take place in Cranmer Square to remember and pay tribute to the fallen in battle. The New Zealand Army Band will perform a Dawn Service including a march starting from Cranmer Square to the Christchurch Cathedral.

The attendees are inquired to “stand to” in order to pay respect to the fallen while the Last Post sounds in the background, followed by 2 minutes of silence. The event also includes prayer readings, hymns, laments, and the Australian and New Zealand’s national anthem.

These events will be a great addition to any traveler’s schedule if visiting New Zealand is being planned. Besides, these events will serve as a perfect way to relax and pay respect to fellow soldiers to every military member interested in visiting the Christchurch Casino area.