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Although gambling has existed since the early days when the Egyptians played and gamble using dice and the Romans invented the gambling chips to avoid being caught by the police, New Zealand’s gambling history is rather short.

Everything started in 1877 when the Otago Art Society conducted the first “Art Unión” in the country, as a way to raise funds for different events and other related affairs.

Later on, in 1933, the first national lottery poll was conducted, in which prizes were small but gave many players the chance to win thanks to its alluvial way to spread the money.

The small prizes lured people to illegally acquire tickets from overseas lottery systems to boost the chances to win more money.

This led to the imminent fall of the Art Unions as a way to play the lottery, and in 1987, the New Zealand Lotteries Commission established its own Lotto system accompanied with instant scratch cards, keno, and other Lotto variants.

On the other hand, horse race betting was considered illegal in the country until the TAB was established in 1961, allowing people to bet on the races. Slot machines, or “Pokies” as they are called in New Zealand, were first introduced by hotels and bars in 1987.

After showing high losses and almost no wins, the slots started to be operated by casinos.

Filled with gorgeous landscapes which seem to be taken out of a Lord of the Rings movie, marvelous art museums, and enticing casinos, New Zealand features a wide variety of attractions for people from everywhere in the world.

The country is the house of only 6 casinos, Christchurch Casino being the first to open in 1994. This casino is the home of more than 500 slot machines and more than 30 table games to enjoy.

As a respected entertainment center, Christchurch Casino hosts 3 restaurants and 2 bars for people to have more to do than just gambling.

The casino offers a wide variety of table games including $2 blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and tai sai, a Chinese game also known as sic bo. Christchurch Casino also hosts several slot machines with different themes and gameplay modes.

People have the chance to play slot-games ranging from penny slots to $2 slot machines with big prizes.

Christchurch Casino also features big halls to host private events for up to 300 people at a time. The company offers different event-planning options catered for anyone’s needs, in which poker, baccarat, and roulette are the main games to be played.

Here at NZ MR we highly recommend the Christchurch Casino as a safe place to have a blast with friends.